9 ways to overcome cat hair loss to get back to health

9 ways to overcome cat hair loss to get back to health

how to deal with cat hair loss

Seeing cat hair falling continuously is definitely worrying. If this happens, see how to treat cat hair loss so that it returns to health here!

For cat lovers or AnabulOne of the most worrying things is when a cat’s hair falls out in large quantities.

This not only makes the cat bald, but it can also be a sign that the cat is in pain.

So what should you do when you see this and is there a way for the cat to be healthy again?

Just see how to treat cat hair loss easily below!

Causes of cat hair loss

causes of cat hair loss

Before knowing how to treat cat hair loss, it is important to know what causes it.

There are many causes of shedding in cats, such as fungus, parasites, ringworm, mites and flea allergies.

Cats can also experience hair loss if they have food allergies and experience excess thyroid hormones.

Urinary problems can also cause cats to lick their fur too often and cause hair loss.

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If you have this, you should immediately visit the vet to find the most suitable treatment.

How to overcome cat hair loss easily

1. Give food with Omega-3 content

The first easy way to treat cat hair loss is to start feeding cat food that contains Omega-3 or Omega-6.

These two natural ingredients can provide a healthy coating on the cat’s coat and reduce shedding.

You can buy Omega-3 and Omega-6 supplements for cats at your nearest pet store.

2. Bathing the Cat Routine

causes of severe cat hair loss

The next thing you can do is to bathe your cat once a month.

Bathing a cat has the purpose of removing excess hair and dust that clings to it Anabul.

If the cat does not like to be bathed, you can gently rub the cat’s skin with a special bath tissue that is equipped with conditioner and natural protein.

You can also use dry cat shampoo and massage the coat, then clean it with a sponge.

3. Comb Cat Hair Daily

The next way to treat cat hair loss is to routinely comb the cat’s hair.

It could be that the baldness is caused because you rarely brush and comb your cat’s fur.

Regularly combing the coat with a comb or depilatory tool can control the shedding rate of cats.

This can also cause stray cat hairs to start shedding in the house.

4. Take care of the cat’s income

causes of cat hair loss at home

Cats that do not drink often often have dry skin and coat which can lead to shedding.

Therefore, do not forget to provide clean water for cats to be able to fill the fluids in the body.

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5. Observe Cats and Fur Routinely

The next way to treat cat hair loss is to always pay attention to the condition of the cat’s hair regularly.

If you find shedding, skin infections, fleas or parasites, it is more likely that the cat will become bald.

6. Keep the Cat Not Stressed

how to deal with severe cat hair loss

Just like humans, cats that are stressed can trigger hair loss.

Overcome this by avoiding items that stress cats and don’t change the home environment too often.

7. Give a special place for cats

The next way to treat cat hair loss is to provide a special place for cats.

Thus, the cat prefers to play and do activities in that place.

This can reduce cat hair scattered throughout the house.

8. Clean the Cat Cage

how to treat cat hair loss at home

One of the causes of the loss of the cat is due to the bacteria or fungi that attach to the body of the cat.

In general, these bacteria and fungi are caused by dirty and rarely cleaned cages.

To overcome this, do not forget to regularly clean the cat’s cage so that it is clean again.

9. Take the Cat to the Vet

The last way to treat the cat’s hair loss is to take the cat to the vet immediately.

You can do this if the above methods are not able to reduce hair loss Anabul yours

The doctor will look for the cause of hair loss and provide the appropriate treatment for your cat.


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