9 Ways to get rid of the smell of mold on clothes after washing. Come, try it!

9 Ways to get rid of the smell of mold on clothes after washing. Come, try it!

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How to remove the smell of mold on freshly washed clothes is easy, that’s it. Go ahead, follow a series of steps and tips through the following review!

After washing your clothes or clothes, the thing you want is for your clothes to be clean and smell good.

However, it is not uncommon for clothes or other clothes that have been washed to be able to smell musty and make the washing seem futile.

This can happen for many reasons, one of which is caused by bacteria or germs that cause odors that are still attached to the fabric fibers.

Don’t worry, to avoid similar mistakes, you can solve it easily.

Launch kompas.com from lifehack solutionHere’s how to remove the smell of mold on clothes after washing.

Go, see the explanation!

9 ways to get rid of musty smell on clothes

1. Read the care instructions

clothing label

The material on each shirt is different, so the handling will not be the same.

Well, because the clothes that have been washed do not smell musty, the first step you should do before washing is to first read the care instructions.

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Thus, the clothes will be protected from damage, including musty odors that can occur due to the wrong washing process.

2. Make sure the washing machine does not smell

The problem of the musty smell sometimes arises not from the fabric or the clothes, but from the washing machine, especially the one with the front door opening.

Therefore, you should clean the washing machine regularly, at least once a month.

This is done to prevent mold in the washing machine that causes a musty smell on the clothes.

Run an empty washer with hot water and pour in two cups of bleach.

After that, remove the inside and the door of the washing machine, including the rubber seal on the washing machine.

3. No detergent left

how to get rid of musty smell on clothes

After rinsing the clothes or clothes, make sure that the laundry is free of detergent residues that are still attached.

The reason is that the remaining detergent left on the clothes can cause a musty smell.

You can wash the laundry repeatedly until it feels completely clean.

When it is still foaming, rinse continuously to ensure that the laundry is completely clean.

How to remove the smell of mold on clothes in this way is quite effective, that’s it.

4. Using a clothes dryer

The way to get rid of the musty smell of freshly washed clothes is to dry them.

If necessary, use a clothes dryer that is usually integrated with the washing machine.

The dryer in question is a machine that can release hot air with a tube that continues to spin until it is completely dry.

This way, you no longer need to dry your laundry outside, especially if the weather is cloudy.

This step is guaranteed to minimize the musty smell.

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5. Give distance when dry

Drying the clothes next to each other after washing will make the air circulate around the wet laundry.

This has a great chance of making the clothes smell musty after washing.

Therefore, you have to put some distance between the clothes from each other.

6. Dry in the Open Area

how to get rid of musty smell on clothes

Drying the clothes in an open area is highly recommended so that the smell of mold does not settle on the clothes.

Avoid drying in a closed place because it can create moisture, especially for towels or carpets.

Also, drying the clothes in the open allows the fabric to receive good air circulation.

7. Using Clothes Perfume

The way to get rid of the musty smell of clothes after washing, is to use a clothes deodorizer.

The step you can take is to soak the laundry in the deodorizer for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Then, squeeze the laundry until the water is reduced or you can use a dryer.

8. Take advantage of Baking soda

baking soda

source: orami.co.id

It is not impossible, the clothes can not dry perfectly because of the unfavorable weather.

Of course, this results in an unpleasant smell that clings to the clothes.

The way you can do it is by using it baking soda to remove the musty smell.

Spruce baking soda on the shirt and leave for 10 minutes.

9. Using a Fan

You can use a fan when the clothes that have been washed are not completely dry.

The presence of air from the fan makes the clothes dry and odorless.

The air circulation from the fan also helps the clothes to get air or better.

Like, easy right?

Causes of clothes smell of mold after washing

because the clothes smell of mold

Summarized from different sources, there are a number of factors that cause clothes smelling of mold to be washed. something?

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1. The laundry piles up

Filling the washing machine with piled up dirty clothes is not a great idea.

This is because the potential for the operation of the washing machine is not optimal so that the clothes still have the smell of mold.

Therefore, it is recommended to divide the dirty clothes and the clothes that just smell and then separate them in the washing process.

2. Too much detergent

Instead of making it clean, using too much detergent can leave the soil stuck.

Especially if the rinsing process is not optimal.

Therefore, use detergent according to the dosage so that the washing process will be maximized.

3. There are wet clothes left in the washing machine for a long time

Who would have thought that the presence of wet clothes in the washing machine for a long time can cause the clothes you want to clean to smell moldy.

This is because the smell of wet clothes that previously hung in the washing machine does not have enough air.

4. The clothes are not directly dried in the sun

Clothes that are not immediately dried in the sun when washed will cause an unpleasant smell.

In fact, it is not impossible that fungi and bacteria can stick to it so that instead of drying properly, the clothes smell musty.


That’s how you get rid of the smell of mold in clothes after washing with the causes, Property People.

Hope useful, yes.

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