9 ways to get rid of snakes from the house effectively, without the need to kill!

9 ways to get rid of snakes from the house effectively, without the need to kill!

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Snakes are often considered dangerous animals. This is why people often trust handlers to remove snakes from their homes. In fact, there is a way to get rid of other snakes that is quite simple, cook!

Yes, living in a house next to rice fields and other green landscapes can definitely strain your eyes.

However, you have to be careful about the animals that hide in it.

Rats, frogs, even snakes can enter your home.

Terrible isn’t it?

This time www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia will discuss how to get rid of snakes from the house.

The steps you have to take are easy coconut, no need to call a charmer everything

Here comes the full review.

How to get rid of snakes from the house

1. Close the Snake entrance to the House

house air duct

Snakes have a small body and agile movements.

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It can infiltrate the house through holes such as drains, air vents, spaces in the walls, to the perforated roof of the house.

If you find them open and wide open, immediately patch and close so that there is no chance for them to enter.

If the hole must have a large opening, it is better to use wire gauze to cover it.

Small wire holes are certainly impossible for these animals to penetrate.

It is highly discouraged to kill snakes at home because they can be dangerous!

2. Throw away used items that can become snake nests
used plastic bottles

To prevent these reptiles from staying and even nesting in the house, you have to start cleaning and throwing away the used items that are stored.

Sort out the items you don’t really use and throw them out of the house.

Unknowingly, many people accumulate used and unused items at home that’s it!

3. Exterminate animals that are the main food for snakes
how to get rid of snakes without a handler

Snakes are carnivores and natural predators of mice and frogs.

If the number of these two animals is in the house and in large numbers, of course the snakes will be more comfortable to stay in the area of ​​your house for a long time.

So, exterminate these animals from the house.

You can see how to get rid of it below:

4. Close the Trash


Dumpsters that contain a lot of garbage can also be a place for snakes to live.

In addition, the garbage is also a place that rats like very much, which incidentally is prey for snakes.

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Therefore, close any garbage in your house tightly.

If necessary, put weights like stones on it.

5. Use fragrances with a pungent smell

natural fragrance spray

What smells are snakes afraid of? Strong smells like perfume, air freshener and aromatherapy can make these long-form animals intoxicated and confused.

Why is this?

Because snakes rely heavily on their sense of smell to navigate directions and also recognize their surroundings.

If at any time you find a snake entering the room, immediately spray a large amount of fragrance into the room and then close it tightly.

After a while, the snake will be helpless then you can catch it.

6. Turn on the lights in every room

type of lamp

Besides being weak against strong smells, snakes are not too strong against light exposure.

If you suspect that a place is a nest for this animal, try to install a light in that area.

This way of killing snakes will make them escape.

Because snakes are not strong with such bright light.

With a bright light, you can see the snake’s movements more clearly if you want to capture it.

7. Raise Dogs as Natural Predators of Snakes

how to get rid of snakes without a handler

Although they are classified as predators or predators, snakes are afraid of other carnivorous animals.

Especially if the animal has fangs and nails.

So, take advantage of animals in the form of dogs or cats to remove snakes from entering the house.

8. Banish Snakes with Carbol and Floor Cleaner

If you find a snake in the house, you can splash carbolic acid or floor cleaner on it.

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Be sure to be careful when you do it!

Carbolic acid and floor cleaners damage the snake’s motion sensor because a sensation of heat will arise from its contents.

9. Place a palm fiber rug in the entrance area of ​​the house

For those of you who often open the door wide because you want to let the air circulate, install a palm fiber mat in the entrance area of ​​the house.

The texture of this mat apparently does not make the snake comfortable to climb on it.

That’s why this palm fiber mat is effective in keeping snakes out of the house.

Can Salt drive away snakes?


Since ancient times, people have believed that salt can prevent snakes from entering the house.

It just became a myth, Friend 99.

The surface of his body that was hit with salt only made him squirm and pause for a moment.

After that, they can move actively again as usual.


Hope the tips above can be helpful, Friends 99!

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