9 Ways to Easily Track a Lost Cell Phone. Complete and updated!

9 Ways to Easily Track a Lost Cell Phone. Complete and updated!

how to track lost phone

Tracking down a lost cell phone is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. Check out the following 7 easy ways!

Smartphone phone called HP smartphones Now it seems to be the most important thing in a person’s life.

How come?

All things related to operational and personal activities are all stored in the HP.

Starting from communicating with family and work colleagues, ordering food, to shopping for daily needs, everything is done via mobile phone.

It’s no wonder when someone loses their cell phone, they must be very panicked and frustrated and also cause negative emotions.

Often HP loss occurs at home

The funny thing is that losing a cell phone doesn’t just happen in public places.

Often a person also loses his cell phone at home.

The cause is often due to neglecting oneself, and forgetting where to put it.

In addition to being at home, lost cell phones are often found outside as well.

When you experience this incident, of course, it will be very harmful.

Not only in terms of material, but also in terms of productivity.

An easy way to track a lost cell phone

Therefore, there are many ways to track lost cellphones and they are very easy to request.

Among them is

So, how? Check out some of the following ways to track cell phones, both for Android and iPhone cell phones.

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How to track a lost phone in various ways easily

To form a unified ecosystem, the use of mobile tracking applications is very common today.

Because, for many developers, losing HP is not the only thing cell phone lost, but also the potential for data leakage.

There are many HP tracking applications and ways to track lost cell phones in the following ways:

1. Google Find My Device

How to track a lost cell phone_1

Source: Suara.com

If you use an Android-based phone, Google Find My Device is the default application on your device.

You can find out the easy steps in the following way:

  1. Open Android, then sign in to Google.
  2. Login with the Google account on the main profile.
  3. The lost phone will receive a notification.
  4. On the map, you will get information about the location of the phone.
  5. Secure device & erase the device by ring.

2. Find my iPhone

How to track a lost cell phone_2

Source: unbox.id

As devices with very high prices, iOS products such as the iPhone and iPad have a higher tendency to be lost.

To prevent this, there are several steps you can take as follows.

  1. Open the Find My iPhone app or go to icloud.com/find, then enter your Apple ID.
  2. Click “Direction” to see the location of the phone.
  3. You can use some of the Find My iPhone features to easily track your iPhone, such as “Play Sound” to hide your iPhone.
  4. Apart from “Play Sound”, you can also use the function “Lost Mode” to see the screen in front of the cellphone.
  5. Enter the phone numbers of friends and family to make the search easier.
  6. Click “Erase This Device” if the phone is not found and you want to delete the data on it to avoid the misuse of personal data.
  7. Especially for AppleCare+ users, there is no need to “Delete This Device” and immediately submit a claim for the lost phone.

3. Family Locator

How to track a lost cell phone_3

Sum: Family Locator

Family Locator can search for lost mobile phones in parallel with ease.

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You can use this application with easy steps as follows:

  1. Enter the Family Locator application.
  2. Please register and register before using the application.
  3. Enter the Family Locator group code.

Instead of using a single application to search for a cell phone, you can track the location of all your family members’ cell phones with this application.

This application can easily find the position of the mobile phone, and it is based on GPS so that the accuracy of the search can be well maximized.

4. Where is my Droid

How to track a lost cell phone_4

Source: filecr.com

Finding a lost phone with the Where’s My Droid application can be an interesting alternative.

This GPS based cell phone tracking application is rated as very accurate in the process of finding a cell phone.

You also only need to register in this application, and it can immediately be used to search and track phones.

5. Tracker Phone By Number

Phone Tracker By Number

Source: Google Playstore

This lost cell phone tracking application only requires a registration process through a cell phone number.

This is because this application leads to the process of tracking a lost cellphone through an active phone number that has been properly and correctly registered.

To simplify the work process, this application is also assisted by GPS that can facilitate the search process.

6. How to track a lost cell phone Email

How to track a lost cell phone_6

Source: Suara.com

In addition to using the application, you can also use email with the following steps.

  1. Enter password, email and click next.
  2. After entering, select the icon of nine points on the right side.
  3. Enter your Google account and flow down
  4. Then select the “Find your phone” option.
  5. Select the lost HP provided by Google.
  6. Next, select the “Find” option.
  7. Toggle on Google Maps to search for the phone.

7. How to Track a Lost Cellphone Using IMEI

How to track a lost cell phone_7

Source: faithdiri.id

To note, IMEI is the identification number in all mobile phones in the world to date.

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Meanwhile, you can do a search to track the lost phone using the IMEI as follows.

  1. Find the IMEI with the password *#06# then it will appear on the screen.
  2. Use the lost phone case.
  3. Telephone call center to give the phone number and IMEI of the destination.

To check the IMEI, make sure the phone number and GPS are always on to make the search easier.

8. How to Track a Lost Cellphone with WhatsApp

How to track a lost cell phone_8

Source: Kompas.com

It is not only used to send messages, but you can also use WhatsApp to track lost cell phones as follows.

  1. Look for the WA contact number that is located there and enter the message room.
  2. Click on the link, then enter the live broadcast of the specified location.
  3. After “Share Current Location” you will receive more information that the recipient of the location will receive the shared location. Select the “Continue” option.
  4. Choose a location sharing time up to 8 hours for the lost mobile number.
  5. Once found, navigate and then use Google Maps.

9. How to track a lost cellphone with someone’s number through Google Maps

How to track a lost cell phone_9

Source: pcmag.com

Apart from using Find My Device on Android, you can also track it with Google Maps through the following steps.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Select the Friends List service from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Add Friend then invite the phone number you are looking for.
  4. Make sure the target mobile number has received the invitation.
  5. Click the target’s mobile phone number.
  6. Google Maps will automatically track the phone number via satellite.

You need to be careful when you lose HP.

Especially if there is important data in it.

For what, Lost cell phones are not only linked to crime, but also data theft and the potential for structured hacking.


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