9 Ways to Choose Good and Safe Vegetables for Health

9 Ways to Choose Good and Safe Vegetables for Health

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You know, the choice of vegetables to consume cannot be arbitrary, that’s it, there are also tips and tricks that should be followed! Go, see how to choose good vegetables to be safe for your health!

Vegetables are a source of nutrition and nutrients that are needed by the body.

Besides being a healthy food option, vegetables also have very affordable prices for all groups.

The benefits of vegetables that are good for the body and for the economy are what make their function very important as the main food source.

Even so, you also have to be careful in choosing the types of vegetables to be consumed.

The reason is that there are also vegetables that are not good and even harmful to health if consumed, that’s it!

Go, find out how to choose good vegetables below.

Leafy vegetables

Fruit vegetables

Examples of stem vegetables

How to choose good and fresh vegetables?

1. Make sure that the vegetables do not spoil

various types of fresh vegetables

The first way to choose good vegetables is to see the freshness of the vegetables.

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You can check the freshness of the vegetables by looking at whether the leaves and stems are withered or not.

If it dries, it means that the vegetables are not fresh.

Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, kale and mustard are distinct differences in this regard.

2. Seeing the Color of Vegetables

The next way is to pay attention to the color of the vegetables.

The reason is, the color of vegetables can be a marker of the quality of these vegetables.

The freshness of the vegetables can be seen by their color, if they are still the original color or have a bright color.

If the vegetables have changed color, you should not choose because it indicates that the vegetables are no longer fresh and healthy.

3. The plants must be free of pesticides

Organic vegetables without pesticides

How to tell if a vegetable uses pesticides or not?

It’s easy, just see if there are holes in the vegetables or not.

Perforated and incomplete leaves indicate that small animals, such as caterpillars, have eaten.

In other words, these vegetables are healthy and do not contain pesticides.

4. Vegetables not wrinkled

The next way to choose good vegetables is to see if the vegetables are wrinkled or not.

Usually, this method is used when choosing root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, radishes and onions.

If the vegetables are wrinkled, it means that they are no longer fresh and good.

Instead, it is better to choose vegetables that are still firm in structure and smell fresh.

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5. Observe the Texture and Smell

Make sure that the texture of the vegetables is not mushy and does not smell.

These criteria must also be present in the vegetables you choose as a sign that these vegetables are fresh and healthy.

If the vegetables are mushy, smelly, have a strange texture, you should not choose because this is an indication of unhealthy vegetables.

6. Choose Small and Young Vegetables

If you usually like vegetables that are large in size, it is better to change this habit from now on.

In fact, it turns out that small and young plants are much better and healthier. that’s it!

In addition, small and young vegetables can also make the dishes more tender and much more delicious.

Can’t believe it? Just try it yourself!

7. Get it directly from the farmers

how to choose good vegetables

If possible, you should directly select and buy vegetables from farmers.

The vegetables that you take directly from the hands of the farmers have a fresh texture, aroma, shape and taste.

The reason is, these vegetables are always harvested from the garden.

Unfortunately, not everyone can practice how to choose this very important vegetable.

8. Choose Uncleaned Vegetables

You know, vegetables that are always good and fresh are those that are not cleaned, that’s it.

Usually, the characteristics are that the plants still have roots and are still dirty with mud or soil.

Vegetables that have not been cleaned are proven to be much healthier, fresher and more delicious.

9. Buy vegetables while it is still in the morning

fresh vegetables and fruits

The last way to choose vegetables is to buy them in the morning.

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When it is still early, all types of vegetables must be fresh, not wilted, not to mention that the structure has changed.

On the other hand, during the day the vegetables will be even worse…

Because it is not fresh, dry, and affects the taste of vegetables later.


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