9 Unique and Modern Computer Desk Design Inspirations

9 Unique and Modern Computer Desk Design Inspirations

computer desk design

Looking for a computer desk design for your office or home? There is no need to get confused, see the different inspirations in the next article.

The use of the computer today can not be separated in the work life. The reason is, all forms of work need the help of this device.

To be more comfortable at work, the presence of the right computer desk is necessary.

Not only that, the computer desk can also give its own style to the appearance of the room.

Currently, there are many computer desk designs that can be chosen according to your needs. Some of them are also equipped with various other facilities.

For those of you looking for a computer desk design for an office or home workspace, check out the inspiration below, OK!

Computer Desk Design for Office or Home

1. Minimalist Computer Desk

minimalist computer desk design

Source: Sayaiday.com

For those of you who like a table with a simple and minimalist look, this computer desk is perfect for you.

The size of the table is made to fit the size of the computer in general.

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Even so, the table section didn’t seem tight, coconut, because on the side there is always space empty to store other office equipment.

For those of you who like to read, on the side of the table there is also a minimalist shelf that can be used to store your favorite books.

2. Desk with Tired Drawers

Computer desk with level drawers

Source: Instagram/@absfurniture

Some computer desks in the market also provide not only a desk but also other facilities such as a chest of drawers.

The presence of this shooter is designed so that all the needs of the work can be satisfied properly.

You can store different items in the drawer cabinet more safely.

3. Room Corner Computer Desk Design

corner computer desk design

Source: Umma.ID

If you want a computer desk with a wider size, a corner computer desk with the letter L can be an option.

This type of computer desk has a very minimalistic design. Therefore, it does not take up much space.

4. Modern multifunctional design

computer desk with a modern design

Source: Thefurnituremarket.co.uk

This computer desk has a modern minimalist look.

Although the size is not too big, but do not make a mistake. Precisely this computer desk can accommodate all your work needs, that’s it.

Yes, that’s because this computer desk has a drawer cabinet at the bottom that you can use for storage keyboard, central processing unit (CPU), printerto important documents.

Very suitable for those of you who need it furniture multifunction!

5. Lesehan Computer Desk

lesehan computer desk

Source: Blibli.com

Usually, the computer desk was equipped with a chair as a companion. However, there is also a lesehan-style computer desk.

This computer desk design is perfect for those of you who like flexibility but remain productive at the same time.

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To be more comfortable, try using a soft seat cushion and place a table in the corner of the room.

Guaranteed, you will still be comfortable using it for hours!

6. Wall Folding Computer Desk Design

wall mounted folding computer desk design

Source: Tokopedia.com

Small room in the house? Don’t worry, because you can choose a folding wall table as a solution.

The design that hangs on the wall, does furniture It does not take up much space in the room.

Not only this, this table has also been equipped with a drawer as a storage place keyboard.

The design of a computer desk like the picture above can be chosen for those of you who have a minimalist room and want to put it. furniture as much as possible.

7. Spacious Computer Desk for Professionals

spacious computer desk for professionals

Source: littleloveliesbyallison.com

In this world, there are many professions that require more than one computer in their work. Suffice it to say, video editor, programmero information technology (IT) specialist.

This is done so that they can work quickly. Well, for those of you who are in this profession, a computer desk that is able to meet these needs is definitely necessary.

The solution is a large computer desk like the one pictured above.

Its large size can provide an advantage for you to place the CPU on a table. Then, the bottom of the table can be used to store other items.

The work can be done more optimally, eh!

8. Futuristic design

futuristic computer desk design

Source: Himsale.com

Its futuristic and modern design can give a professional impression. Also, with the black color used, it makes this table more charming.

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The appearance seems simple, but multifunctional with the presence of four drawer cabinets at the bottom.

The table is also quite spacious, you can also store other items such as work lamps, books, or just ornamental plants.

9. Design a Computer Desk with an Iron Frame

Computer desk design with an iron frame

Source: Thisoldhouse.com

Do you want to have a simple but strong and durable computer desk? Try to choose an iron material as a table frame.

The design of this computer desk looks very simple, its size is also very minimalistic.

Even so, this computer desk is not equipped with a drawer cabinet. But calm, because you can store other equipment on the side of the computer, cook

Well, this is some inspiration for computer desk designs. So, which design do you want to choose?

I hope this information can help, yes!

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