9 Tips for leaving cats alone at home to avoid stress

9 Tips for leaving cats alone at home to avoid stress

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Leaving the cat alone in the house for a few days can be a problem that is often faced by cat owners. However, do not worry, try to apply some of the tips below to get around this!

When you have to leave the house for a period of time, leaving your cat in a daycare may be the best option.

However, a new environment such as a nursery can be stressful for a cat.

This, of course, can make the cat uncomfortable and suffer.

Leaving the cat at home alone can be done.

The trick is to prepare and plan before you leave the house.

Here are some tips that can be done!

9 Tips for leaving cats alone at home

1. Set up a Special Location

leaving the cat alone at home

Tips for leaving the cat alone at home, the first is to prepare a clean place, good lighting and fresh air circulation.

The choice of place can be in the cage, in a special room, or in any area of ​​the house.

The thing to remember, whatever the choice of place, you have to make sure that the air circulation is good and the lighting is good.

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Do not put your cat in a place that is stuffy, humid, too hot or dark to avoid stress and illness.

2. Get ready Litter Box

The next tip is to prepare litter box before leaving the cat alone at home.

The trick is to replace the old sand inside litter box.

Do not use old sand that is wet and smells like urine.

Use the new sand to effectively reduce the unpleasant smell.

In this way, the cat can also poop more comfortably and cleanly.

3. Preparing Food

Don’t let your cat starve while left alone at home.

Therefore, make sure to prepare food in sufficient portions.

For a long time, dry food is the best choice.

You can use the automatic feeder (automatic pet feeder/pet food dispenser).

Dry food will last longer in this automatic food container.

Cats can also eat with the dose you set before.

You can provide twice as much as a normal portion and store it in a container.

Place 2-3 containers of food, each of which is scattered in several places.

The objective is so that the cat always has a supply of food if there is a spilled food container.

4. Preparing Drinking Water

The next step that must be prepared when leaving the cat alone at home is drinking water.

This should be prepared and should not be forgotten, because compared to food, cats need more water.

Prepare drinking water in several containers and put it in several places.

This is to prevent the possibility that one of the water containers will spill to be knocked over when the cat is playing.

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5. Keep Hazardous Items


Before leaving your cat alone at home, make sure to keep dangerous items out of the cat’s reach.

As for dangerous things like something sharp, poisonous substances, things that break easily, and flammable materials.

Also, keep all kinds of ropes, wires, plastic bags (cracks) and power cords in a hidden place.

6. Place Certain Plants Away from Cats

In addition to items that can be dangerous, make sure that there are no poisonous plants for cats in the house.

There are many types of ornamental plants that have a toxic effect on cats if they are eaten.

For example, such as aloe vera, lilies, and many types of aglaonema.

If the plants are eaten, the cat can get nausea, vomiting, convulsions, and even diarrhea.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to remove these plants from the area out of or other places out of the reach of cats.

7. Check the health condition of the Cat

leaving the cat alone at home

Before leaving the cat, you must first check its health condition.

Make sure it is left in a healthy condition and does not need special care.

You can also check the health of the cat by taking it to the veterinary clinic before leaving.

8. Closed the Hole or Gap

To avoid the possibility of the cat escaping from the house, cover any holes or spaces that the cat can pass in the outdoor area.

Therefore, check all parts of the house, if there are holes that have the potential to be a space for the cat to escape.

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In addition, this is also to anticipate cats that leave the house, but are confused about how to get back home.

9. Leave the clothes

If your cat is the type of animal that is spoiled and always wants to be close to its owner, maybe being away from its owner is quite difficult for a cat to leave.

Cats will feel lonely, miss their owners and feel stressed and sick.

To anticipate this, you can try to leave one of the clothes you just got.

Place the clothes next to the cat’s bed so that he feels calmer because he can smell the smell of the owner even if you are not at home.


Here are some tips for leaving your cat alone at home.

Hopefully this information can be useful, Property People.

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