9 Things that invalidate the fast that you should avoid

9 Things that invalidate the fast that you should avoid

things that break the fast
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The month of Ramadhan the most awaited moment. You see, at this time, Muslims observe fasting for a whole month.

Fasting itself means abstaining from lust, eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. In any case, fasting is not only about abstaining from food and drink, but also about abstaining from things that can cause harm. fasting

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So, what are the things that can invalidate the fast?

Go ahead, check out some of the things that can break the fast below.

1. Smoking

things that break the fast
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For active smokers, of course, you have to smoke fast too. In addition, cigarettes have a taste that can break the fast. In addition, cigarettes also contain particles that can, unknowingly, enter our body parts. So, it’s better to abstain from smoking, ok?

2. Eat and drink deliberately

things that break the fast
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We can often feel like eating and drinking accidentally on the first day of fasting because we are not used to it. Don’t worry, this won’t break your fast. Provided that you immediately clean the remaining food stuck in your mouth.

However, if you eat and drink intentionally, this will break your fast.

3. Menstruation

In reality, menstruation or menstruation in women is something that you cannot prevent. However, when fasting, the body must be in a state of purity.

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So, your fast will be invalid if your period occurs in the morning, afternoon or evening because of the dirty blood secreted by your body.

4. Vomiting

The rules in fasting prevent us from entering or removing something from the body. As with menstruation, you will also break your fast if you vomit intentionally or unintentionally.

5. Alcohol

things that break the fast
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Of course, your fast can also be broken if you consume alcohol. You see, alcohol can cause the body to lose focus, become dizzy, lose consciousness, to experience digestive disorders.

So, when fasting, you can not lose the fire or consciousness to be strong for it.

6. Do not hold lust

things that break the fast
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You also avoid fasting in an intangible form, you know, like lust. Lust itself can involve emotions, bad words or deeds, to sexual appetite.

Instead of doing bad things, you should do more positive things in the month of Ramadan, like studying.

7. Swallow phlegm

You need to know that swallowed phlegm can also break your fast, you know. This applies if the phlegm has reached the oral cavity, then you have deliberately swallowed it again.

So, pay attention to those of you who are suffering from phlegm cough symptoms, OK? Always take medicine and vitamins maintain resistance stay fit at the time of sahur or breaking the fast.

8. Excessive gargling

The next thing that breaks the fast is gargling or cleaning the nasal passages. For example, when you rinse your mouth, swallow the water until it enters the stomach.

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However, do not worry, if you do it during ablution, of course, this will not cancel your fast.

9. Syringe

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Injections are usually made to enter fluids, such as vitamins or drugs into the vein. Thus, giving an injection can break the fast because something has entered the body.

Well, there were some things that can break the fast. So, make sure you avoid it so you can get through this whole month of victory well.

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