9 Small Home Concrete Stairs Inspiration for Minimalist Residential

9 Small Home Concrete Stairs Inspiration for Minimalist Residential

small house concrete stairs

The following small house concrete staircase inspiration is suitable for application in minimalist and industrial style homes. Go watch and read the full review here!

Property People, application of concrete stairs to small, minimalist, is often chosen by contemporary society.

The reason is that stairs with cast concrete material have a number of advantages.

In addition to being strong and durable, concrete stairs are also easy to shape according to the wishes and needs of the residents.

It doesn’t stop there, the maintenance is also relatively easy, aka it doesn’t cost much.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration for the concrete stairs of the small house, we present references that have been summarized from various sources.

9 Small Home Concrete Stairs Inspiration

1. L-shaped concrete stairs

concrete stairs of course l

source: instagram.com/queenzha_house

Making the stairs of the house with L-shaped concrete material can be a strategy if the house is limited by the land.

If the concept of the residence is realized in an industrial style, you can also add it railing black iron stairs.

In this way, the concept of the house will be clearer and firmer so that the interior aspect is more harmonious.

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2. Concrete scale model of 2-story house

2-storey house

source: instagram.com/indo_graha

The small minimalist house is not only based on the area of ​​the building.

Yes, minimalism in housing can be interpreted as the use of simple elements, including stairs.

To emphasize the minimalist impression of a 2-story residence, the concrete staircase model that is applied is ideally suited to the color of the wall paint.

Beyond that, touch railing The stairs do not need fancy and it is better to focus on the function.

3. Unique Small House Stairs

unique unique house

source: houzz.com

Unique minimalist house concrete stairs can be adjusted in this way.

As mentioned before, concrete materials for stairs can be applied at will.

The appearance of stairs that seem to float can be the best option to offer a contemporary style.

4. Simple Concrete Scale Model

small house concrete stairs

Simple concrete stairs without railing very suitable to be installed in residential industrial concepts.

It will be more attractive if you apply an exposed concrete wall.

The image above can be a reference that you might want to choose, here we go.

5. 4 Meter High Concrete Staircase Model

4 meter high concrete scale model

source: mcd.net.au

Who would have thought that a 4-meter-high concrete staircase model for small homes could be made by focusing on aesthetic values.

You don’t need to install it railing with a magnificent model.

The placement of the walls and the appropriate passage will make the stairs look good.

6. Concrete stairs Unique Small House

unique concrete stairs of a small house

source: houzz.com

Having a small house does not mean that the creativity of the occupants is limited.

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If you want to build a 2-story house, you can definitely try to choose a concrete staircase with a unique design.

Instead of using a common handle, you can get really creative by using small stakes as a substitute.

It is believed that the appearance of the scale model will be much more unique and attracts attention.

7. Wood Combination Cement Scale Model

combination of wood concrete stairs

source: pinterest.de/pedroalcoitia

To get a different impression, you can add a combination of wood to the stairs.

To enhance the impression that will be generated, the area under the stairs can also be used as a wardrobe or a storage area with wood as well.

The industrial aura will go hand in hand with natural shades, especially if you install some natural stones around the stairs.

8. Concrete Stair Design with Decoration

concrete stairs with decorations

source: planete-deco.fr

To make it look different, the model of a small concrete staircase that stretches can be added with different decorations.

The placement of this decoration can be arranged in such a way, for example near the edge or in some areas near the stairs.

Thus, the area will not be boring and will actually be more lively.

9. Concrete Minimalist Stairs

small house concrete stairs

source: pinterest.co.uk/behance

The design of a concrete staircase with a minimalist touch can make the house look harmonious for those of you who wear a simple residential style.

However, you can also add natural stone and different photos of certain topics in the area under the stairs.

The selection of a model like the image above is very possible for anyone who sees it to feel amazed.

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