9 simple ideas for birthday decorations at home

9 simple ideas for birthday decorations at home

simple decorations for kids birthday at home

Do not hesitate to celebrate a birthday party at home, consider a number of simple tips for decorating a child’s birthday at home.

Birthdays for children are the happiest moments in their lives.

Not only when they receive and open the birthday gifts, more than that it is a special moment for them.

The presence of friends and interesting birthday decorations can be good memories.

Therefore, parents usually try to give the best for their children.

However, celebrating birthdays away from home usually requires a big budget.

Therefore, this simple idea of ​​decorating a child’s birthday at home can be the solution for you.

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Examples of simple kids birthday decorations at home

1. 1 Year Birthday Decorations

Simple decorations for children's birthday at home

Source: stella-maris.sch.id

Simple children’s birthday wall decorations at home for one-year-olds can be with interesting cartoon characters.

Even if children already understand, animal characters can attract their attention and build feelings of happiness.

You can hang a large cardboard on the wall so that it can be seen by children.

2. Background Birthday with Happy Birthday balloons

Happy birthday balloons

Source: Tokopedia

Happy birthday balloon decoration or happy birthday You can also apply it on the walls of the house.

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For girls birthday decoration, Hello Kitty theme with color macaron she looks cute and attractive.

Do not forget to put on the wall with a bright paint color, of

3. Birthday themes according to the children’s favorite characters

kids birthday theme

Source: Popmama

Make the birthday decorations more interesting if you choose an interesting party theme.

For example using paper pom pom to make pendants and party decorations as in the picture.

You can also use a dining table covered with fabric and decorated in such an attractive way.

4. Birthday decoration with favorite color concept

kids birthday decoration colors

Source: designruang.com

In addition to making children’s birthday decorations with bright and cheerful colors.

You can also apply a more muted color by mixing only two or three colors.

Birthday color decorations like this look elegant and luxurious even if they are made only at home, that’s it.

5. Example of a child’s birthday decoration

child's birthday decoration

Source: Lazada

Simple homemade children’s birthday decorations for boys are usually themed with cartoon characters or superheroeslike spiderman, baby sharkand others.

You can also try the decoration with the use of strong colors like red or orange.

The bright blue color is also generally used for the child’s birthday.

6. Girls birthday cake decoration

Girls birthday cake decoration

Source: Popmama

You don’t always have to have a special theme, you can make simple birthday decorations with a birthday cake.

It is even more fun if mom can make this birthday cake directly with her beloved daughter.

Of course, the moment will be memorable and memorable for the child until he grows up.

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7. Birthday decorations with Baubles

Birthday decoration with Baubles

Source: Bukalapak

Simple children’s birthday decorations at home can be done with this form of curtain.

This ornament is commonly used as a wall hanging for the living room to be more interesting.

Make sure it fits well and there aren’t too many holes on either side.

8. Party decoration with unique birthday balloons

Party decoration with unique birthday balloons

Source: Badutrino.my.id

The next simple birthday decoration can be with the use of balloons and unique posters.

For example, a balloon in the shape of a pony, Spiderman, or a round balloon in the shape of a flower.

Even more interesting, if you make balloons customs with the face of the child.

9. Simple birthday decorations for kids

simple birthday decorations for kids

Source: Shopee

You can also decorate the child’s birthday with the astronaut theme above at home, that’s it.

Usually this idea will make children imagine that they will become astronauts and come to the moon.

You can also add this concept to the appropriate clothing for the child.


It is a simple birthday decoration idea for an interesting child.

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