9 Simple Designs of Cafes in Small Shophouses, Small but Aesthetic

9 Simple Designs of Cafes in Small Shophouses, Small but Aesthetic

simple coffee shop design in a small shop

Drawing coffee simple in a small shop, prioritize the function, but still charming is the best choice in the middle of limited land. Need some inspiration? Look here!

Property People, open coffee in the area of ​​the shop house aka ruko is now quite loved by beginning entrepreneurs.

In addition to relatively affordable rental costs, coffee simple in a small shop offers a more intimate area.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many designs coffee The unique sales houses have popped up and really got visitors coming to visit hang out lay down

The trading options involved may vary, ranging from coffee to other types of food businesses.

If you need design inspiration coffee simple shop in a small shop, we present several views that can be used as a reference.

9 Drawings Coffee Simple in a Small Shophouse

1. Simple and Elegant

simple coffee shop design in a small shop

Coffee with a simple touch doesn’t mean you can’t look elegant, here we go.

You can make a picture of the example of the image above as an example as the best reference.

Despite being in a small shop, the design coffee It looks understated yet elegant with large glass windows accompanied by sliding doors and slick interior lighting.

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2. Gaya Coffee the contemporary

cafes and shop houses

source: id.pinterest.com/anny_dki

Gaya coffee Making a contemporary concept, it is a choice worth trying.

The choice of black is wrapped in a touch of color gold will do coffee what you have feels modern.

However, the simple side will always shine through the lack of redundant elements.

Not only, coffee It would be even nicer if a small shop had large windows that could reflect the light and views around.

3. Coffee with Canopy tent

simple coffee shop design in a small shop

In general the design coffee a simple tent in a small tent has a problem with the lack of area.

So you can work around this by using a canopy in the outdoor area.

Added a canopy type store it is an attractive option because of the display coffee it will be more unique.

So customers always feel comfortable, especially chairs and tables that are chosen according to the theme coffee what it brings

4. Interior Coffee the Elongated

simple coffee shop design in a small shop

source: cornerstonepref.com

Drawing coffee a simple shop in a small shop with an industrial style approach is abundant in a number of large cities.

You can try to apply it, but with the most effective layout possible.

The choice of the types of tables and chairs greatly affect the appearance of the interior of the cafe so that it looks simple, but on the other hand it does. client feel at home

5. Coffee Industrial style

unique design of the cafeteria

Coffee industrial style located in a small shop could make a candidate client excited and curious.

However, as much as possible give a slightly different touch with the aim of keeping customers away from boredom.

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Instead of choosing white, for example, you can paint some parts with a brighter color like red.

A mixture of red and black creates a draft coffee it stands out while still giving a simple impression.

6. Design Coffee shop Mini

mini coffee shop design

source: id.pinterest.com/RahmaWulans

Especially for those of you who want to open a business coffee in a small shop, the design above can be used as a reference.

In addition to additional decorations in the indoor area, additional chairs and tables are also needed in the outdoor area.

This is to pass if the incoming customers exceed the capacity.

7. Design Coffee Simple in a Small Shophouse

simple coffee shop design in a small shop

Minimalist concept for design coffee in the area of ​​the store house allows the owner not to need too heavy maintenance.

However, this does not mean the display coffee being superficial, yes.

You can create a special area for the production process, while the internal and external areas can be used by client.

8. Typical Shophouse style

Minimalist design of a cafeteria

source: pinterest.com/modern_home_elevation_designer

Shophouse designs usually cover the same area or location rolling door as a special feature.

Don’t worry, this shop model can still be used coffee simple, here we go.

One of the keys to not being too monotonous is to give a different interior look, such as unique decorations, good lighting, etc.

9. Coffee Tight but unique

an unpretentious cafe

source: hoperakyat.com

Even the indoor area coffee it feels tight, this can actually be an advantage in itself, as long as you can organize it as best as possible.

However, there should always be a concept that is presented so that client I feel comfortable.

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With zones and a minimalist look like the picture above, customers can enjoy chatting without fear of being disturbed by noise.


Here is the design inspiration coffee simple shop in a small shop, Property People.

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I hope this article is helpful, yes.

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