9 Side Jobs You Can Try at Home, Suitable for Office Workers

9 Side Jobs You Can Try at Home, Suitable for Office Workers

lacrymosemedia.com – Even if you have a regular job, it is possible to do additional work. Especially if the salary earned from the main job could not cover the basic needs. Salary received from work is, of course, monthly expenses of the household, consumption, savings, transportation, etc. should be allocated to their needs.

In the meantime, the money earned from side jobs can be used additionally. Especially when the basic salary is not enough for other less important purposes.

Side Jobs That Can Be Done At Home

For those of you who are currently looking for side business ideas from home, here are some business ideas that you can try right now, namely:

1. Food Business

Running a food business is the most affordable business option for working from home. Especially if you live in a very strategic area, for example, around a place of study or offices. In addition to offering catering services, you can also sell a wide variety of snacks.

Not only can you start your hobby of cooking and making various healthy snacks, but you can also start an online business from home. Because now many people choose to buy snacks online.

2. Creation of Digital Advertising

Many business owners do not have extra time to deal with marketing issues. Hence, they need the help of an expert to manage digital advertising. Nowadays, advertising through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok is common in business.

If you have experience in social media marketing and advertising management, this may be a good opportunity for you. Because you can do this side business opportunity at home through your cell phone or laptop.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is perfect for those of you with an active social media presence. With this business system, you don’t have to buy or stock items in advance. One can easily earn income up to millions of rupees simply by actively promoting on social media.

You will then get paid for each product that is successfully sold. Some marketplaces also dare to pay for each visit from your affiliate link. The amount also varies depending on the product type, product category and of course the applicable commission system.

4. Social Media Admin

Social media users like artists or business owners usually don’t have much time to spend on social media. You can take advantage of these terms to become their social media admin. By virtue of their position, social media admins don’t just work to create headlines or upload content.

Sometimes the admin also plays a role as the owner of the account, such as interacting in the comments column, replying to messages, generating content ideas, etc. You can offer yourself personally or use a job search platform to get this opportunity.

5. Graphic design

Workers in creative fields such as graphic designers are still needed. Many companies and business owners open this vacancy. Interestingly, this side job does not always require being in the office, as it can be done from home. But of course, punctuality and meeting the deadlines of the assignments is a high priority.

You can find these jobs on various job posting platforms. Graphic design is usually required to create social media ads and content.

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6. Editor

There are many areas of work that require the skills of an editor. If you have skills in photography or videography, you can apply as an editor for content creators. Meanwhile, if you understand writing, you can work as an editor to ensure that the article is suitable for broadcast or publication.

Although it may seem trivial, there are many companies looking for someone who can serve as a proofreader, ensuring that the posts or articles submitted by the author are suitable for publication on the company’s website. The salary offered is quite attractive.

7. Interpreter

Having the ability to speak a foreign language certainly provides its advantages for you. Including in terms of work.

Although anyone can learn this skill, there are still many who actually need the services of a translator. Whether translating documents or as a language interpreter at various important meetings.

This side job at home opportunity also opens up opportunities for you to work with well-known companies or business owners.

8. Driver Online

If you want to maximize your weekend time to do a side job, becoming an online driver can be a great option. This job is ideal for office workers looking for extra work. Because you can set your own working hours.

To get started, you must first register to become a Grab partner. After successfully passing all the stages, you can start doing business and serving customer needs. If you don’t have your own car, don’t worry because Grab Indonesia provides car rental service with easy terms.

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9. Streamer

The digital content industry is very popular right now. There are many people who have proven this first. One of them is to become a broadcaster on various video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. Even now, a vibrant trend in e-commerce is also developing in Indonesia. You can work live from home by offering different brands of products.

We think the above few options are very suitable for those looking for extra work at home. Now is the time to choose and decide.

You don’t have to worry about failure because when you want to try something, it’s part of the process. If at least one job doesn’t suit your dreams or needs, there are many other options.