9 Safe household products that respect the environment

9 Safe household products that respect the environment


Recently, the problem of environmental pollution has attracted global attention. As one of the ways to preserve the environment, choosing the type of household products that are ecological or ecological.

In general, household products contain harsh chemicals, which can endanger the health of the body and the environment.

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Well, that’s why lately more and more environmentally friendly household products that we can easily find.

So, what are environmental products?

Here are some eco-friendly products that you can use every day.

1. Straw Reusable

ecological product
Set of straws and silicone cleaning brushes Ataru – blue

Only 20 thousand IDR

Although practical, plastic straws contribute to plastic waste. Therefore, a number of beverage shops have eliminated the use of these plastic straws.

So, to be more environmentally friendly, you can use iron straw, stainless steelbamboo or silicone.

Do not worry, these straws usually come with a storage container and a special cleaning brush to make it easier for you to take care of them.

Instead of using disposable food containers, try switching to plastic food containers. stainless steelceramic or glass.

In addition to the environment, the use of food products can maintain the quality of the food we store. The most important thing is to choose lunchbox which is BPA free.

Also, if you like to store food in the refrigerator, you can choose a food container with a silicone lid to make it airtight.

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3. Cloth bandage or Menstrual Cup

ecological product
Source: pexels.com

In fact, disposable sanitary pads are classified as inorganic waste that is difficult to break down 100%. To reduce this waste, you can use pads made of cloth and menstrual cup.

In addition to the environment, cloth pads are usually free of chemicals, so they can be a solution for women with very sensitive skin. However, do not forget to always maintain the hygiene of sanitary pad products.

shopping bag
Ataru Foldable Shopping Bag – Chocolate

Only 30 thousand IDR

Excessive use of plastic can actually damage water and soil quality. This is because plastic waste has a chemical content that is difficult to break down and recycle.

This is why almost all supermarkets and traditional markets have eliminated the use of single-use plastic bags and replaced them with cloth shopping bags.

You can also carry foldable shopping bag products wherever you go. In addition to loading more, you can also store this bag easily when you are not using it.

5. Loofah or Dried Legs

natural sponge
Source: pexels.com

Loofah or a natural sponge made from dried loofah plants. Although it has a slightly rough texture compared to sponge materials in general, this loofah can remove dead skin cells and clean the body more optimally.

In addition to this, you can also use it as a substitute for a dishwashing sponge to clean stubborn stubborn stains.

6. Dishwasher from Coconut Coir

ecological product
Proclean Set of 3 sisal dishwasher sponges – Red

Only 20 thousand IDR

A product that you can use as a substitute for a dishwashing sponge is coconut coir. Don’t worry, although it looks thin and very environmentally friendly, this product still has the same cleaning power as a regular sponge.

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If the coconut product is damaged, you can compost it without worrying about polluting the environment.

In addition to this, if you feel that coconut is hard to find now, you can also use a sponge from sisal fiber as an alternative.

You often take away or buy bottled drinks? Well, you better start carrying your own bottle wherever you go.

In addition to saving costs, this bottle has degree of food safety. In fact, there are also drinking bottles with heat-resistant materials, such as tumblers. Thus, you can enjoy hot coffee and tea for longer.

8. Carbon Free Soap and Shampoo

soap dispenser
Kanala liquid soap dispenser of 270 ml

Only 30 thousand IDR

If you have sensitive skin, use eco-friendly body washes such as carbon-free soap or shampoo. This is because this product does not contain harmful chemical compounds.

To be more cost-effective and make the bathroom more aesthetic, you can prepare a soap dispenser and just fill it with soap. recharge.

9. Cutlery set

cutlery set
Kris Tin Box Cutlery Set – Silver

Only 60 thousand IDR

The next eco-friendly product you can use is a cutlery set. Instead of using disposables, it is better if you bring your own set of cutlery from home.

In addition to having a more robust material, it is also light in weight and has a practical shape. Usually, this cutlery set is sold complete with a storage container so that it is more hygienic.

Therefore, there are many eco-friendly products to complement your family needs. You can get these environmental products through shopping sites online variety

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