9 Minimalist Kitchen Set Designs for Kitchen

9 Minimalist Kitchen Set Designs for Kitchen

minimalist kitchen design
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The ultimate minimalist kitchen design.

For some people, cooking is a stress reliever. Being able to eat and then enjoy with loved ones will make fatigue disappear. In the cooking process, one of the things it does mood to be the spirit is a comfortable kitchen atmosphere.

A comfortable kitchen is supported by a perfect interior design. The selection of wall paint colors, the determination of the kitchen table to the type of kitchen utensils affect the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Don’t let it create a kitchen with mixed colors, or rather out of the theme you really want. This will make you easily emotional and tired when you sit on the kitchen.

Now! Here is the design kitchen set The ultimate minimalist for your kitchen. Designs range from small to wide, with a variety of colors! Check out the full explanation below:

Drawing Kitchen set Modern minimalist

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Now, simple monochrome colors are preferred by many people. They apply it to many things, such as design kitchen set. The use of gray, black and white colors will make the kitchen very minimalistic. These colors can be used on kitchen tables, multipurpose shelves, water taps, kitchen tables, stove. In addition, the kitchen floor can use marble of the same color, so an elegant and modern impression will be felt.

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Drawing Kitchen set Minimalist for a green home

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The next design for those of you who have a green house concept. The concept of this house usually features green plants in the corner of the room. Well, in the kitchen, you can also put it in several places. In addition to the beauty of the kitchen, these plants help to cool the room while cooking.

Oh, yes, because you can feel a minimalist impression, you can use wooden kitchen utensils. Use paint and subway tiles white so that the kitchen is brighter.

Kitchen set Minimalistic aesthetics

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Those of you who like aesthetic things can apply this style of cooking. One of the proposals of this style is the aesthetic plant that you can put on the table. Choose plants that match the theme of the kitchen. Because the dominant aesthetic is brown and white, other furniture should also be given that color.

It blends with the Dining Table

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Is the dining table in the kitchen? Why not? This concept has been applied in many homes. It’s just that the style is different. The thing to pay attention to is the size of the kitchen, if it is spacious enough, you can enter a dining table.

The color of the equipment will influence the atmosphere of the kitchen later. If you want a minimalist theme, use brown, white, black and gray. Also add some wooden decorations on the walls. If you want to mix impressions rustic, subway tiles You can use it on the kitchen wall.

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Drawing Kitchen set Minimalis Gaya Japandi

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Japanese style houses are increasingly trending in Indonesia. Japandi style material is dominated by wood with color combinations. For the kitchen, you can apply wood for hanging cabinets, L tables for the dining table. The walls of the kitchen also use it wallpaper typical Japanese brown and white. Do not forget to add a sweetener in the form of tulips on the dinner table so that the warm impression is even more pronounced.

Kitchen set Multifunction with other rooms

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If you want to divide a large room into several parts, you can see this example. Seen there are four rooms in one square namely the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the balcony. This borderless room is useful to be able to interact without boundaries between family members.

In section kitchen set, You can use only a small kitchen table. The most important thing is the completeness of kitchen utensils. Add decoration in the form of plants to neutralize the smell of cooking spices that enters other parts of the room.

Drawing Kitchen set Small minimalist kitchen

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Drawing kitchen set The next one is for a mini-sized kitchen. True, the size is not a problem to make the kitchen comfortable. The kitchen area is in the corner of the room with the stairs to the second floor.

You can maximize the mini L kitchen table by placing various utensils on it. Also, you can put plates, bowls and all your cutlery in the hanging rack. Since the kitchen will be used by all members of the family, you must pay attention to cleanliness.

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Kitchen set Minimalism with a touch of pink

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Some housewives want to give it a touch of color rose in his kitchen. If so, use in kitchen set your minimalism. The dominance remains white and color rose only in some parts. For example on mats and lights. In addition, you can also use it customs colorful letters rose and then pasted on the kitchen wall.

Drawing Kitchen set Ultimate Minimalist with Yellow Touch

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Not alone rose, The color of the cat is also suitable to be applied to your kitchen. Some parts that you can use yellow, such as carpets, hanging cabinets, and some parts of the walls. So that the minimalist impression is not lost, keep the multiplication of parts with white, yes.

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