9 Important tips for creating a minimalist Koi fish pond, you must know!

9 Important tips for creating a minimalist Koi fish pond, you must know!

koi fish pond

Before you decide to keep it, first know the guide to make this minimalist koi fish pond at home so that safety is guaranteed.

Keeping koi fish at home has many benefits.

Not only able to add to the aesthetics, the presence of koi fish can treat a number of diseases.

For example, like reducing stress, helping children with autism, to treat Alzheimer’s.

In addition, when viewed from feng shui, koi fish are believed to bring good luck to those who keep them.

Interested in keeping koi fish at home?

Don’t rush to find good quality koi fish to keep.

First make sure you have properly prepared the pool.

8 Things to look for when making a minimalist Koi fish pond at home

Reporting from the book “Koi, Maintenance Guidelines and Tips for Looking Beautiful” by the Editor of PS, here are 5 things to pay attention to.

1. Site selection

ideal size koi fish pond

Source: Instagram/@koimagazine

There are several things that should be considered in choosing a koi pond placement location. They are the following:

– Avoid making ponds near large trees

Leaves from large trees can fall into the pond and pollute the pool water.

Water quality can also be disturbed, affecting the health of the koi.

– Wake up in a place that is easily accessible for the residents of the house

What is the reason to keep koi fish other than to look at their beauty?

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To be able to enjoy the beauty of koi at any time, build a pond in an easily accessible place.

In addition, you can also be easier to do the maintenance. However, do not let the existence of the pool interfere with the movement of the occupants of the house.

– The garden in front of the house is the right place to choose

Actually, you can build a koi pond anywhere. In the front garden, in the back, or even on the side of the house.

However, the front garden of the house is the most ideal position. Here, the existence of a pool does not interfere with the mobility of the occupants of the house.

The presence of koi in the pond is also convenient, as well as the easier installation of pond filters.

2. Safety factor

For safety reasons, it is mandatory to keep the location of the pool out of the reach of children.

Children usually try to get closer to the pool. If it is not supervised, it is very possible to run the risk of falling or even drowning.

Of course, this is very dangerous. Do not let the construction of a koi pond damage their activities.

Another effort that can be made is to make a barrier between the pool and the children’s playground to minimize unwanted bad things.

3. Types of Pool materials

koi fish pond depth

Source: Instagram/@umah_aisyah01

Materials for the manufacture of ponds are grouped into two types, permanent pools with cement mortar, or non-permanent pools that use glass fiber.

Permanent pools made of concrete mortar tend to be more durable and long lasting. Because it is permanent, this pool cannot be moved.

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Non-permanent pond made of glass fiber it is easy to move, practical, fast and cheap.

Unfortunately, when installing piping, the filtration system in this pool is quite complicated. Just a little wrong, it can cause losses.

4. Koi Fish Pond Design

In general, the design of the pool is divided into two, namely:

– Formal model

It is usually rectangular like a pool so it is wider. Even if it creates a rigid impression, you can embellish it with a fountain or waterfall.

– Informal model

Made as natural as possible to decorate with natural materials, such as rocks and ornamental plants to soften the pond.

5. Pool Size

koi pond size

The ideal size of a koi pond should be adapted to the available land surface and depends on the number and size of the fish to be kept.

For example, a pond of 1 m2 is enough for 2 fish of 20 cm. A pond of 2 m2 can be filled with 20 fish of 5 cm each.

This is done so that the space for the movement of the fish is not hindered.

6. Pool depth

In addition to the size, the depth of the pond must also be adjusted to the size and population of the koi because it is related to the comfort of their life.

The ideal depth for koi fish ponds is generally around 1.2 – 1.5m with a minimum depth of 80cm for koi ponds.

But if you want to keep jumbo koi, the depth of the pond that is usually used can reach up to 2.4 m.

To prevent the koi from jumping, give a distance of at least 25 cm between the surface of the water and the highest border of the pool.

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The depth of the koi pond is very important to notice. Because if the pond is too small, the koi will be more easily exposed to the sun.

The color will become pale, the body can not grow big, and the pond can grow moss.

7. Disposition channels

beautiful koi pond background

Source: Instagram/@tamanminimalisku

Also think about where you will dispose of both the koi feces and the remaining food that settles to the bottom.

Complete the pond with a drain in the form of a hollow slope.

The length, width and depth are 30 x 30 x 30 cm, and are placed in the middle of the pond.

Make the bottom of the pool slightly inclined to the side so that the soil can easily fall into the drain.

Do this by making the bottom of the pool 3 cm lower for every 1 m distance.

So that the koi fish do not enter and settle at the bottom of the pond, install a ram wire on the surface of the hole.

8. Employer

Koi fish are very sensitive to too much sun exposure.

Without shade, the fish in the pond can suffer from sunburn.

Not to mention that rainwater and soil will easily enter the pond, causing changes in water quality.

Therefore, shade is necessary in koi ponds.

For best results, it is recommended to cover almost 60% of the surface of the koi pond with floating pond plants, such as water lilies.


These are important tips for making a minimalist koi fish pond.

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