9 Good Kitchen Feng Shui Tips to Bring Luck

9 Good Kitchen Feng Shui Tips to Bring Luck

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Is the arrangement of the kitchen area at home still not ideal according to your observations? Go ahead, try to rearrange it by following the guide feng shui the following kitchen, Proprietà People!

knowledge feng shui it may seem strange and unreasonable to the people of Indonesia.

In fact, if we explore further, this teaching can actually make sense, that’s it.

Especially to determine a good kitchen layout to attract positive energy.

Go ahead, check out the tips feng shui the following ideal kitchen!

9 Tips Feng Shui Kitchen for M

1. Determine the Location Based on feng shui Kitchen

The first is related to the location, a good kitchen position second feng shui it is not in the middle of the building.

This is because the middle area is the heart of a house.

So this area is more ideal for a family room, where all the residents gather and chat.

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So, don’t put the kitchen directly in front of the bathroom.

The reason is that the bath is classified as a deep water element feng shui, so that it can turn off the element of fire from the kitchen.

Also avoid placing the bathroom or bedroom above the kitchen when building a two-story house.

2. Separate water and fire Elements in the kitchen

feng shui kitchen layout

Source: freepik/pexels.com

Be sure to separate the two important elements in the kitchen, namely water and fire.

The water element includes the dishwasher and the refrigerator, while the fire element is the stove.

These three pieces of furniture according to the guide feng shui Cooking can bring conflict and negative energy when placed next to it.

The best arrangement is to place the refrigerator, sink and stove in a triangle.

However, if the kitchen area is limited, you can separate it with a flower pot.

Another alternative is to put the refrigerator in the dining area, not in the kitchen.

3. Pay attention to the angle of the wind when placing the stove

The stove should be on the South (fire) or East (wood) side and facing the door, but not facing it.

That is, the stove mouth area should not be directed directly towards the kitchen door.

Also, you should not put the stove in the corner of the room, on the West (metal) or North (water) side.

This position can cause negative energy that causes conflict.

Also, you can place the sink from any side other than the South.

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4. Feng Shui Interior colors for the kitchen

ideal kitchen feng sui guide

source: thehomepage.co.uk

According to feng shui, you should choose bright colors for the interior and kitchen furniture.

There are several guidelines that you can follow to choose, depending on the position of the kitchen, which are as follows:

  • South: choose red, orange and yellow
  • West: choose white and gray
  • North: choose blue, black and gray
  • Southwest: choose a fire color such as bright red to purple
  • East: choose green, brown, and a little light blue

Bright colors in the kitchen are said to bring abundant sustenance to the residents.

In addition, these colors will make you feel at home for a long time in the kitchen.

5. Boost positive energy in the kitchen with a vase of flowers and a bowl of fruit

Did you know that putting a vase of flowers and a piece of fruit in the kitchen can bring positive energy?

This is because both decorations contain natural elements that are good for the home.

You can use a vase of flowers as a decoration between the stove and the refrigerator.

Next, place the fruit stand in the middle of the kitchen or dining area.

6. Feng Shui Kitchen for stove area

Feng shui kitchen layout tips

In addition to the cardinal points, you need to pay attention to the area around the stove of.

First, make sure the area behind it is a solid wall.

Solid wall in science feng shui compared to a form of salvation (provision).

If the walls are strong, sustenance and harmony will last a long time in the house.

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Second, make sure you don’t put the stove under the kitchen window.

This will affect the financial sector, residents tend to be extravagant and their spending will increase.

7. Always keep the kitchen area clean

This trick seems trivial, but it is very important for you to remember.

You must always maintain the condition of the kitchen clean and tidy at all times.

A well-maintained kitchen will increase the positive energy in the home and make the residents more comfortable.

8. Ensure maximum lighting in the kitchen

feng sui guide for the kitchen area at home

Tips feng shui The next kitchen, make sure that the kitchen area has windows or vents.

So that sunlight and fresh air can flow well in this area.

Light and fresh air are important things feng shui kitchen

If the capacity of the window is insufficient, you can outsmart using lights.

9. Avoid these Decorations!

Finally, make sure you don’t put any of these decorations in the kitchen:

  • mirror
  • Painting wild animals
  • Family photo
  • Watercolor painting and more

This is because the following articles according to science feng shui it will bring negative energy into the room.


Here is the full review feng shui ideal kitchen to determine its layout.

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