9 Examples of Unique Hebel Fences to Make Minimalist Homes Look Aesthetic

9 Examples of Unique Hebel Fences to Make Minimalist Homes Look Aesthetic

example-fencing-hebel-unique-house-type-36There are a number of examples of unique hebel fences that can complement the look of your favorite minimalist home. Go ahead, see the best inspiration.

Hebel or light bricks are a type of building material used in the structure of the wall.

In addition to the price, this building material is also known for its strength compared to other materials.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people use hebel to complete variations of the fence wall.

Along with the development of design trends, now the material is widely used unique wall fence design.

Not infrequently many residential owners use hebel as a minimalist wall without iron.

Well, real estate sites www.lacrymosemedia.com have collected many ideas related to examples of unique Hebel fences. Let’s take a look right away.

9 Examples of unique Hebel fences

1. Model Pagar Hebel Horizontal

single hebel fence

(Sum: Instagram / @wildhouse)

This picture of a house fence is one that you can consider applying to your home.

Arrangement Material Hebel which is made horizontally and slightly apart, can bring its own uniqueness to a minimalist wall fence without iron.

The spaces in the light bricks will provide the circulation of fresh air in the house.

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2. Dynamics Hebel Fence

hebel fence

(Source: Facebook adhi jaya saran)

If you want a model that looks dynamic, you can use this unique example of hebel fence.

Arrange the arrangement of light bricks to form a wavy pattern on the wall of a minimalist house.

This fence model is perfect for hebel houses without plaster industrial gaya minimalist

3. Unique Fence Inspiration

A unique minimalist wall fence model

(Source: Archdaily.com)

Many photos of minimalist fences from Hebel that look unique. One of them is the example of this wall.

The design of the wall fence with a light brick arrangement that stands out will make the aesthetics of the house more attractive.

You can imitate this simple and fresh fence wall image for a minimalist house type 36.

4. Hebel Fence Design for the Park

variations of the minimalist house Hebel fence

(source: Instagram / @aulianurafina)

An ordinary wall fence will look special when using hebel with an arrangement like in this picture.

Placing several ornamental plants in pots makes the Hebel fence example unique and looks beautiful.

This example of a minimalist fence also protects your privacy when in the back garden.

5. Modern House Wall Fence

Hebel modern minimalist brick fence

(Source: Twitter @ogyhartantyo)

The design of the exposed hebel fence is also very suitable when used modern house present

For example, the front fence of this minimalist house looks attractive with a light brick design with holes.

Also complete the front wall of the house with your occupation number, look for an interesting decoration.

6. Cool House Fence Ideas

the last hebel fence

(source: Polarumah.com)

In addition to the roster fence, you can also use Hebel so that the appearance of the wall of the house looks unique.

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Well, you can consider this variation of the fence from Hebel to apply at home.

The last model of the fence looks unique with the arrangement of hebels that are spaced.

7. Minimalist Fence House Design

(Source: Instagram / @omahamoh)

This simple and cool wall art can also add your inspiration when beautifying your residential exterior.

The unique shape of the front fence of the house will make your minimalist residence the center of attention.

8. Unique variations of Hebel Fence

unique minimalist wall fence

(Source: Instagram / @inspirasirumahterkini)

Looking for ideas for a unique minimalist wall design at home?

Of course, this example of a single hebel fence can be used as a reference when designing elements of the house.

9. Minimalist Wall Fence

minimalist hebel fence

(Source: Casa Indonesia)

This minimalist Hebel fence will make the house look more aesthetic and elegant.

You can combine it with wood materials to give the impression of a unique wall design.


Therefore, there are many examples of unique hebel fences that can be your source of inspiration.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, okay!

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