9 DIY bedroom wall decoration ideas, simple and easy!

9 DIY bedroom wall decoration ideas, simple and easy!

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Bored at home with the same atmosphere? Let’s create a new atmosphere, with the following home room wall decorations!

He has a room aesthetic it becomes the dream of many people.

To make it happen, there are many ways that can be done. Starting from choosing good Korean style room paint colors to make room wall decorations.

Yes, bedroom wall decoration sounds like a simple matter.

But in fact, the decoration on the walls of the room can make the room look more attractive.

So, for those of you who are interested in applying homemade wall decorations at home, check out the inspiration below, OK?

9 DIY bedroom wall decoration ideas

So now, here are 9 bedroom wall decoration ideas at home that you can copy!

1. Wall decoration from Old Window

Wall decoration of old windows

Source: Blesserhouse.com

Old windows like the one above are the hallmark of old houses, aka old schools. Usually, Betawi houses always have doors and windows shaped like this.

If you have Betawi neighbors who are thinking of renovating their houses, there is nothing wrong with asking about their windows and doors.

Who knows, they might want to give it to you instead of selling it to a junk kilo dealer.

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Or, if it doesn’t exist, you can visit it online shop who sells it

How to organize it is very easy. Choose a medium-sized window, put it on a table that is against the wall.

2. Wall decorations at home

Homemade wall decoration

Source: Blesserhouse.com

Is your child now so big that he can no longer be invited to play and joke like when he was little?

To remember his childhood, display your child’s favorite clothes (or your favorites) in a frame. Place the shirt inside and show the frame in the child’s room.

Add sweet messages so that children always remember the love of their parents.

How to do it very easily. Choose the clothes you want to see, and look for a frame that best fits the size of the clothes. Install the frame in the child’s room!

3. Old Wall Clock

Vintage wall clock

Source: Blesserhouse.com

goods vintage there is no death. In addition to the old windows, you can also use a collection of old school clocks as a wall decoration.

The trick is to simplify the display of a collection of antique clocks in your home, and add them in an irregular position so they don’t look stiff.

You can install a wall clock that is not working. Or another interesting idea, turn on the wall clock with the time in different countries.

4. Sheet of musical notes

wooden wall decoration

Source: Blesserhouse.com

If you love music, this idea is definitely perfect for you.

Find the musical notes of your favorite song, print them in an enlarged size and frame the result.

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If the songs chosen are songs from the past, they will look even better if the paper from the printer used is faded in color.

More shows his old school feeling!

5. Polaroid Photo Collection

Polaroid photos hanging on the wall

Source: Hips.hearstapps.com

A collection of photos can never go wrong. To make it look the same, print your favorite photos on Polaroid paper.

There are many online shop who sells polaroid printer paper. You don’t have to look for photos from the original Polaroid to see them.

Instead of showing it hanging with a rope, use a colorful floating shelf as a support for the photo.

Arrange in several parts, and add ornaments that match the color of the shelf.

6. Display Accessories

simple wall decoration at home

Source: Blesserhouse.com

By making wall decorations at home, you can also make these decorations have other functions.

Do the double wall decoration work at the same time organizer accessories. All you need is a frame, wire, scrap wood and large buttons.

Attach the wire to the frame, and the big studs to the scrap wood. No messy accessories in the box!

7. Homemade paper room wall decoration

paper wall decoration

Source: Housebeautiful.com

For you minimalists, this idea is perfect for you. Just post the photos you like, no frames needed.

Instead of a frame, photo clips use clipping clips. Use black and white photos to match the dominant color in the room.

That way, you won’t damage any of your artwork and it won’t take the effort to find and frame it!

8. Typography Art

typographic decoration

Source: Blesserhouse.com

If you have a favorite poem, quote, or song lyric, write your favorite words.

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Resize it to a large picture, and glue it on the wooden frame. Or, if you’re good at writing well, create your own typeface art by hand writing your favorite words.

9. Ballet Mirror and Pole

big mirror

Source: Blesserhouse.com

Mom who enrolls her children in ballet classes, this idea can be implemented in your child’s room.

Let them practice at home with a large mirror and a ballet pole in the center.

This way, there is no need to wait for ballet class schedules to practice your child’s skills!


These are a number of inspirations for decorating the wall at home that can be imitated.

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