9 Contemporary Korean Aesthetic Room Design Inspirations. Swag!

9 Contemporary Korean Aesthetic Room Design Inspirations. Swag!

Korean aesthetic room inspiration

The impression is warm and bright, here are some room design inspirations Korean aesthetics one you can replicate at home!

The interior of the bedroom in Korean style is synonymous with the use of wooden elements.

Also, usually the colors used seem calm and neutral.

For example, white, beige, light gray, and others.

That is why the interior shades that are created tend to be warm, perfect for rest.

Want to try applying it at home?

Go ahead, see a number of room designs Korean aesthetics the following as a reference!

9 Korean aesthetic room design inspirations

1. Small Room without Door

ide kamar Korean aesthetics

Source: instagram.com/na_a_me_4

The first idea is to build a Korean-style room without doors to save space.

You can replace the door with curtains or curtains so that the privacy in the room is maintained.

So, use furniture made of wood in the form of small nightstands, storage shelves, wardrobes, and study tables in the bedroom.

2. Inspiration Room Korean aesthetics

Minimalist Korean style bedroom

Source: instagram.com/larasfathi

This one bedroom looks aesthetically pleasing thanks to the use of a unique form of furniture.

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There is a pastel yellow nightstand with a curved surface and accent storage shelves arched wall.

In addition to this, residents also use wooden accessories such as plant pots, calendars and more.

3. Korean style elongated room design

Korean Style Bedroom Design Ideas

Source: instagram.com/m_roommio512

The appearance of this room tends to be simple, but still aesthetic.

The floor area is covered with sheets vinyl light brown, while the wall area is painted beige.

Then, at the end of the room there is a large window that allows sunlight to enter.

In general, this room looks comfortable as a rest area even if it is small.

4. Domination of wooden elements in the room

Korean beauty camera

Source: renoplus.my

In this Korean-style room, the use of wooden elements seems more dominant.

You can see it on the floor area, bed frames, nightstands, room partitions, and so on square painting

So, the residents combine with clean white walls.

This makes the room seem warmer and brighter, perfect for resting after a tiring day.

5. Room Design Aesthetic

kamar aesthetic Korean wing

Source: therebelsweetheart.com

Internal chamber Korean aesthetics This is perfect for teenage girls.

You can see accent motifs in the form of flowers, checkered patternand others filled the room.

All these motifs blend harmoniously with the bedroom furniture which is dominated by wooden elements.

Then, next to the bed, there is a small floor rug that works as a seat rug and also softens the room.

6. The combination of wooden elements and dark colors

Korean men's beauty room

Source: homemydesign.com

Room ideas Korean aesthetics this is perfect for men.

You can use dark wood accents and combine with black.

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Then, enter a little white accent to balance the look of the interior.

For the record, you can use a floor mattress in your bedroom and put wooden boards under it as a base.

7. Room design Korean aesthetics Minimalism

Aesthetic design of rooms

Source: whimsysoul.com

Then, you can consider using a combination of colors spiced cinnamon and white.

The combination creates a beautiful and warm autumn feeling in the room.

So, you can add wood accents in every corner of the room to make the interior more aesthetic.

8. Simple Korean style bedroom

Contemporary aesthetic room design

Source: roomclip.jp

Despite their small size, Korean bedrooms are usually able to accommodate a variety of furniture.

This is because the furniture they use has a concise and practical shape because they prioritize the ergonomic aspect.

This is what you need to pay attention to when you organize a room in Korean style.

Also, be sure to use calm colors for the interior, such as white, light brown, light gray and others.

9. The combination of black and white in the room

Korean male beauty salon

Source: instagram.com/synodic.month

Finally, you can combine black and white to create a masculine impression.

Room design aesthetic Korean this is perfect for men.

Also use furniture with steel accents to emphasize the character of the room.


It is a collection of room designs aesthetic Korean which you can use as a reference.

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