9 Causes of Small Water Faucets and their flow plans. I must know!

9 Causes of Small Water Faucets and their flow plans. I must know!

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Which one yeah because of the small water faucet? Find the answer in this article, go!

One of the most important needs of the bathroom is a water faucet.

The reason is, without a faucet, the water will not be able to flow perfectly.

Then, the faucet can measure the amount of water needed so that it is not wasted.

Even so, there are many problems that arise with the water on the tap, such as a small and slow flow.

Of course, these problems can hinder activities at home, such as washing, bathing, and others.

Of course I want to know dong because of a small water faucet?

Well, this time www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia has compiled the information for you.

Launching from different sources, we see the explanation in the description below.

9 Causes of Small Water Faucets and their flow plans

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1. Height of the tower

Using the wrong toren or water tank can really make the tap water flow little and slowly.

This is because the height of the tower must be adapted to drain the water at the point farthest from the pipe installation so that it has an adequate pressure.

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2. Pipe Size Too Small

Be aware, every hole tower outletit was adjusted to his ability.

In this way, do not use a pipe that is smaller than the hole outlet because it reduces the flow of water.

3. The soil accumulates

The accumulation of dirt on the walls of the water pipe can actually be the cause of the small and slow water faucet.

The accumulated dirt forms a crust or sediment of the water in the pipeline.

Over time, this can make the tap water flow slowly and slowly until it is completely blocked.

4. Pipe Installation

The use of pipes for each house requires special calculations that are adapted to many factors, such as the area of ​​the house, the water source and the height of the tower.

So, the use of a pipe cross-section that does not correspond to the flow system that is not suitable can also be the cause of the small flow of water.

5. Clogged pipe

Pipe blockages can also be the cause of the tap water.

Blockages in the form of rust or dirt in pipes can reduce water flow.

6. Do not use a booster pump

Elements of use water faucet as water heater, showeror water filter has minimum water pressure requirements.

Thus, it is recommended to use a booster pump to increase the water pressure.

The list of water pressure requirements is as follows:

  • Water heater: 0.25-0.7 bar or equivalent to the water pressure from a height of 2.5-7 meters.
  • I filter the air: : 1 bar or the equivalent of water pressure from a height of 10 meters.
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7. Pump Condition


If you use a water pump for a small well without a water tower, do not forget to make sure that the pump is suitable for the depth of the well and is in good condition.

8. Water sources

If you use water from the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM), perhaps the condition of small running water will be avoided.

However, if the source of water in your home is a small well and the carpet is small, the discharge of water is affected by temperature, pressure, air, time, and situation of the well may be the cause.

9. Many Turns in Pipeline Installation

Pipes that have multiple bends can also reduce the flow of water, that’s it.

So avoid a series of convoluted pipes, yes.


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