9 Causes of rising electricity bills at home. Find out immediately!

9 Causes of rising electricity bills at home. Find out immediately!

due to the increase in electricity bills

Confused about why your home electricity bills are often increasing? Find out the causes of rising electricity bills at home here!

Have you ever checked your monthly electricity bill and noticed that the price has increased significantly, even though your electricity consumption is normal?

In general, this is due to an increase in the basic electricity rate, but there is also the possibility that the increase will occur due to habits that you are not aware of.

Curious about what causes your home’s electricity bills to rise?

Just look at the different causes according to the different sources below!

Causes of rising electricity bills at home

1. Damaged Electronic Equipment

causes of rising electricity bills at home

The reason for the rising electricity bill in the first house is that the electronic equipment in your residence is broken.

Damage usually occurs in large electronic items that are often used, such as washing machines or air conditioners.

Damaged electronics must use more electricity than usual.

Not only that, the damage can also endanger your home, so electronic items should be serviced regularly.

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2. The electronics are too old

Electronic equipment that has passed its useful life can also cause electricity bills to skyrocket.

You might think that electronic equipment that can still be used and then serviced can last a long time.

However, this actually causes the goods to consume more electricity than new equipment which is more energy efficient.

Instead of leaving old electronics, you should buy new items that are more energy efficient.

3. Leave the Power Line Connected

due to the increase in electricity bills

The reason the electricity bill is going up in your next home is because you left the power line crossed.

Even if it has been turned off, electrical items that are still connected to the socket still draw electricity so that they can be turned on quickly.

Therefore, make it a habit to disable the socket or unplug all sockets that are not in use.

This habit is guaranteed to reduce the number of electricity bills at home.

4. Use of seasonal equipment

The next thing that can make your electricity bills go up is the use of seasonal electrical equipment.

For example, you will turn on the air conditioner more often in the dry season to cool down the room temperature.

Refrigeration systems such as air conditioners and refrigerators are one of the common causes of rising electricity bills.

The equipment must draw a high electrical power to be able to keep the room temperature cool.

To overcome this, reduce the opening and closing of the refrigerator door and set the AC temperature to 24-26 degrees Celsius, then turn it off when the room is cold.

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5. Not Using LED Lights

due to the increase in electricity bills

The reason for the next rising electricity bill is because you don’t use LED lights.

The advantage of LED lights is that they can save electricity consumption up to 80-90 percent.

Although it is cheaper, the lights can shine to the maximum and keep the house bright.

6. Ironing with High Temperature

The habit of ironing with a temperature that is too hot, then remove it immediately can also suck a lot of electricity.

In fact, the electric power absorbed can reach 300 watts when in use.

To overcome this, use an iron temperature that is suitable for the fabric and do not let the iron get too hot.

7. Using an electric stove and Microwave

causes of rising electricity bills at home

The reason for the next increase in electricity bills is that you use electronic goods that are a waste of electricity.

Some of the items in question are electric stoves and microwave.

The power of the electric stove can reach 850 to 2000 watts, meanwhile microwave it is above 800 watts.

Therefore, the use of these two electronic devices can certainly cause the bills to rise.

8. Storing Hot Food in the Refrigerator

The habit that can increase the next electricity bill is too often to store hot food in the refrigerator.

Putting warm and hot foods in the refrigerator makes the machine have to work harder to adjust the temperature.

This causes the electricity to consume more electricity than usual.

9. Forget to turn off electronics

causes of the increase in electricity bills

The reason for the latest increase in electricity bills is that you forgot to turn off the electronics.

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Try to remember if there was a time when you forgot to turn off the light, rice cookerwater dispenser, etc. in a long time?

If so, that’s most likely what’s causing the electricity bills to skyrocket.


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