9 Causes of AC Not Cold & Only Wind Out. This is the Solution!

9 Causes of AC Not Cold & Only Wind Out. This is the Solution!

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what will you do if Air conditioning (AC) in your house is not cold, although it is often treated? Before contacting the official, let’s first find out the cause of the AC not cold here.

Air conditioning (AC) is one of the important household electronics to cool the room.

Also, the houses are located in tropical countries like Indonesia.

In its use, many problems often occur that cause the AC motor not to work optimally.

Not even a little, the air conditioner is not cold, only the wind comes out.

In this case, the damage can be caused by many things.

Here are some factors that cause the air conditioner not to be cold that you need to know.

9 Causes of AC Not Cold and How to Overcome It

1. AC Freon Runs Out or Less

because of the not cold ac

First, the cause of the air conditioning is not cold, only the wind can be caused by getting out of freon or less.

Freon that is missing or removed is caused by a leak in the circulation pipe.

AC Freon contains chlorine, hydrogen and broming substances that can cool the air conditioner.

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In any case, if the freon is less than the standard pressure, it is recommended to make the AC pipes and evaporators so that they produce pieces of ice.

2. Clean Filter

ac filter

The reason the air conditioner is no longer cold could be because the filter is not cleaned regularly so it is dirty.

Although the AC filter is useful for filtering impurities in the air conditioner.

The way to deal with the air conditioner so that it turns cold can be cleaning the filter itself internal at least once a week.

Unscrew the filter internal the top, then take the air filter.

Then, wash with detergent soap.

If so, dry it and then put it back.

For maintenance services, at least once every 3 months for home air conditioners and every 2 months for office air conditioners.

Before cleaning, be sure to cover items around the air conditioner, such as mattresses with newspapers so that these items no kotor

3. Compressor Ampere Exceeds Normal Limit

because of the not cold ac

AC half pk not cold could be due to faulty capacitor.

But if the capacitor is OK, it means that the compressor amperage exceeds the normal limit.

You can check the amperage by using it meter clamp (tang ampere).

The trick, please clamp the terminals of the clamp ampere to the two cables ( – ) and the cable (+ ) on the cable sent to Outdoors.

Do not forget to place the switch meter clamp in position A, if the number exceeds the limit A it means that the compressor is weak.

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The solution is time to replace a new AC.

4. The AC Condenser is dirty

ac condenser

The reason why the air conditioner is no longer cold can be caused by damage or dirt on the condenser.

The condenser is located outside the air conditioner which is useful for heating gases coolant (freon) at a certain temperature.

You need to clean the condenser regularly so that the AC will cool again.

The trick is to use soap and water to remove the dirt and then rinse with water slowly.

If you do not use the air conditioner for a long time, cover the condenser with a cloth so that the condenser does not cause the air conditioner to be cold.


Do not place the condenser in a place where there are many ornamental plants and tree branches.

5. The size of the room does not match the AC capacity

kamar ber-ac

The size of the room may be the cause of the new air conditioner not being cold.

We recommend that before buying an air conditioner, measure the room first.

If the room is too big and the AC capacity is small, it will not cool the room.

It is recommended that if you want to install AC for a room of 3 M x 3 M, install an AC size of 1/2 Pk, a room of 3 M x 6 meters with 1 Pk AC, and a room of 6 meters x 6 meters with 2 PK AC installed.

6. Room condition

Then the AC half Pk is not cold or the other pk is due to certain room conditions.

If the room is often exposed to direct sunlight or is made of a mixture of concrete and sand walls, the room can be hotter.

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Thus, it affects the performance and could be the reason that the air conditioner is not cold during the day.

7. Doors and Windows are often open

When turning on the AC, it is necessary not to open the doors and windows.

For what?

Doors and windows that are slightly open can affect the temperature of the room, so it doesn’t feel as cold as usual.

Fortunately, overcoming the air conditioning is not cold, only the wind comes out, it is enough to close the doors and windows.

If you want to leave the room, immediately close the door again, okay?

8. Settings Remote A.C

Because the air conditioning is not cold and the smell can come from the settings far away alone

To fix this, make sure the mode used is in asterisk or cool to cool the AC.

Don’t be fashionable drybecause this is only to start the FAN motor and the unit Outdoors did not receive electricity.

9. Broken PCB Components

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a component that provides electrical current to power the AC compressor.

So, if the PCB board is damaged, this can cause the AC to not cool, it just blows air.

To overcome this you can do service PCB or replace with a new one.


I hope the information is useful for you, Friend 99.

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