8 Ways to Use the Air Fryer Right. Perfectly Cooked Food!

8 Ways to Use the Air Fryer Right. Perfectly Cooked Food!

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You already know how to use it air fryer What is the right way to make food crispy even without oil? Go ahead, check out the full guide below, Property People!

This electronic device is currently popular with the public.

The reason is, using it air fryer, You can cook food without oil.

The process is also faster, so you can save a lot of time.

However, make sure you know how to use it air fryer that’s right, yes!

Here is the complete guide!

8 ways to use it Air fryer yours sincerely

1. Place on a heat resistant surface

guide to using air fryer

First, make sure you put it on air fryer in the right place.

Do not place near a wall because this electronic device needs ventilation space.

The best place is a heat-resistant surface away from other electronics.

Also, make sure there is a window nearby to get the smoke out while cooking.

2. Choose the Right Food Ingredients

How to use it air fryer The next step is to look at the food ingredients that will be used.

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Remember, not all types of food can be cooked with this tool.

You can only use it for frozen food, potatoes, vegetables, sausages and meat.

Meanwhile, the type of food or wet pasta that has a lot of water should be avoided.

This is because the steam that arises from the water content is at risk of making the tool quickly damaged.

3. Warm up Air fryer Before using

Before you start cooking, be sure to heat it up air fryer first empty.

Do this for 2-3 minutes to check that the internal temperature changes.

The goal is to make the cooking process faster without increasing the risk of the ingredients burning.

4. Apply a little oil on food

how to use air fryer

In fact, you don’t need oil to cook with this electronic device.

However, if you really want to use oil, just dab a little on the surface of the food.

Do not spray or pour the oil directly air fryer because it can damage the non-stick coating inside.

Also, avoid oils with low smoke points like olive oil if you don’t want the food to taste weird.

5. Use Mats for Food

How to wear air fryer The next correct thing is to use a pedestal every time I cook.

This pedestal can be aluminum foil o parchment paper which can absorb oil.

This is to prevent food scraps from sticking to and remaining in the machine.

Another option is to use stale bread as a base.

6. Pay attention to the amount of food

When you want to wear it air fryerpay attention to the amount of food that goes in.

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Do not cook too much at the same time.

Food that builds up will make the cooking process take longer.

Not only that, the food is difficult to cook due to the uneven distribution of heat.

7. Set the Temperature Correctly

How to use air fryer correctly

How to use it air fryer The next step is to set the temperature properly.

Actually, you don’t need high temperatures when using this tool.

For example, when cooking grilled chicken, just use a temperature of 225 degrees Celsius.

This is because the technology generates hot air faster than electric ovens.

8. Shake the basket Air fryer when you cook

Finally, be sure to shake the basket air fryer in the middle of the cooking process.

First turn off the electronics, then take out the container containing the food.

Then, shake the container so that the food on it changes position.

Just continue the cooking process until the food is cooked evenly.

Another option is to manually turn the food every few minutes.


I hope the review how to use air fryer above is useful for you, yes.

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