8 Ways to use a coffee machine easily

8 Ways to use a coffee machine easily

how to use a coffee maker

Do you like coffee, but you don’t want to lose it because you have to buy it every day at the coffee shop? Relax, you can meet your caffeine intake more sparingly if you use it coffee or a coffee maker at home.

Indeed, using a coffee maker is quite confusing. However, If you follow the right steps, of course you can make delicious coffee just like in a cafe. Plus, if you’ve mastered the technique, you can certainly produce barista-style coffee, indeed.

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So, how to make coffee Coffee?

No need to worry, we have some great tips for making coffee coffee which you can do easily, like the following.

1. Clean and dry the coffee machine

how to use a coffee maker
Before using, make sure the coffee machine is clean

Before you start, make sure to clean the outside and inside coffee, of See, the dust or dirt that is inside coffee can replaceI love the taste and aroma of the coffee you make.

Therefore, make sure to always clean the water container, the filter, and milk foam or a milk frother. After that, don’t forget to dry the coffee machine well before using it.

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2. Pour the coffee powder into the filter

how to use a coffee maker
Source: Unsplash/Nguyen Tong Hai Van

When you buy coffee, you will definitely get a coffee filter or filter holder and measuring spoons. Well, you can pour the coffee powder inside filter holder depending on the measure.

For example, create expressed with a strong taste, give 1 measuring spoon of ground coffee and 60 ml of water. If you don’t want the taste to be too thick, you can make 1 measuring spoon of ground coffee for 120 ml of water.

After that, flatten the shaken coffee grounds filter holder horizontally. Make sure there aren’t any spilled coffee beans, okay?

3. Compact the coffee used coffee coffee tamper

how to use a coffee maker
Credit: Unsplash/Rob Wicks

After pouring the coffee grounds filter holderyou can compress it using coffee tamper. This tool is used to press and compact the coffee filter holder

The denser the coffee, the yield expressed what you do will be more focused and delicious. Therefore, you also learn the technique tamping always to get good coffee results.

4. Install the filter or filter holder

make coffee
Source: Unsplash / Luke Porter

Once the coffee grounds are solid, you can combine them filter holder Di coffee machine. Make sure to install it well and tight so that the water can flow more smoothly.

Usually, on a coffee machine, there will be a marking line to make it easier to know the lock position filter holder right.

5. Pour water into the engine compartment

Hon coffee, there is a container to put the water that you will use when making coffee. Well, you can pour the water into a container according to the needs or the capacity of the coffee machine.

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Also make sure to adjust the amount you want to make so that the coffee tastes delicious, yes.

6. Turn on the coffee machine

After all the equipment is installed, connect the coffee machine to the power source and turn on the button power it becomes Mr.

In this process, be sure to read manual book from the coffee machine because there are usually different ways in the process fermentationno. However, in some coffee machines, you can press the symbol for a full glass of water to start fermentation.

7. Wait a few moments until the glass is full according to taste

how to use a coffee maker
Credit: Unsplash/Charles Sims

During the process fermentationthe coffee water will flow filter holder going to glass that you have prepared. Well, you can adjust the amount of coffee you want to drink by pressing a button time out o stop when the glass is full.

Some coffee machines already have automatic settings, which can stop automatically depending on the type of coffee. With this automatic coffee machine, you don’t have to wait and press every button to make the machine stop.

8. Serve the coffee

You can immediately taste the coffee produced by the coffee maker

There are many ways to serve coffee according to taste, such as American, Cappuccino, to palm sugar milk coffee. You can combine coffee with milk, palm sugar, whipped creampowder matchand much more.

In addition to this, you can also serve it with ice cream to make it more refreshing. In fact, some coffee machines are equipped milk foam. So, if you like the art of coffeeyou can make milk foam using it.

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Well, there are eight ways to use it coffee easily to produce a delicious coffee.

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