8 ways to take care of a mini hedgehog at home without being shy

8 ways to take care of a mini hedgehog at home without being shy

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How to care for a mini hedgehog is not as difficult as you might think. Want to know how? Read the explanation, go!

Mini hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that are active at night and sleep during the day.

Recently, keeping a mini hedgehog has become a trend in the circles of animal lovers because this animal is cute and adorable.

Maybe you are also interested in making this animal as a pet at home?

Find out how to take care of the following mini hedgehog, go!

How to take care of a mini hedgehog at home

mini hedgehog

source: vetmed.illinois.edu

1. Types of Mini Hedgehogs

Before you decide to keep, first know what types of mini curls are commonly kept.

These types include mini silver, apricot, champagne, brown oak, platinum, and salt and paper.

When you want to keep a mini hedgehog, you should buy at pet shop or directly from the farmer.

2. Recognized Characteristics

After determining the type of mini-hedgehog you want, the first way to care for a mini-hedgehog is to identify its characteristics so that you can be more precise in caring for it.

Even if there is a problem, you will find a solution faster because you already understand its characteristics.

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Here are the characteristics of a mini hedgehog:

When you don’t know it and try to touch it, the mini hedgehog rolls up like a ball.

This is a hedgehog’s natural defense mechanism because it is always shy and sees strangers as a threat.

At the beginning of his birth, the mini hedgehog was born blind. In just a matter of weeks his sight will gradually improve.

Although the mini-hedgehog has grown, his eyesight is still poor compared to other animals.

A few months after birth, the mini-hedgehog will experience a phase of spines. However, these are soft spines and will be replaced with stronger spines.

mini hedgehog care

source: thesprucepets.com

2. Mini Hedgehog Cage and Base

Many pet stores provide various types of mini hedgehog cages, you don’t have to make your own.

Try to buy a cage that is large enough and about 30 cm high to provide ample space for the mini hedgehog.

A good cage material for a mini urchin is metal or plastic, the aquarium doesn’t matter.

Fill the cage with sawdust as a base and a bed for the mini hedgehog.

3. Give Places to Drink, Food, and Toys

Places to drink and eat are mandatory things that must be in the cage.

So, you also have to pay attention to its proper placement.

Use a heavy material and adjust its position so that it does not roll and wet the lock.

Do not forget to provide game equipment in the cage.

The game equipment is the same as the hamster game tool.

4. Provide Animal Vitamins

Always provide animal vitamins for the mini hedgehog to keep his body healthy.

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You can find animal vitamins in pet stores or online market with prices starting from IDR 6,000.

5. Selection of the Right Intake

Paying close attention to their nutritional intake is the easiest way to maintain the health of a mini hedgehog.

In nature, the mini hedgehog likes to eat insects, worms, caterpillars, millipedes, mealworms, snails, small animals and various fruits.

You can give the mini hedgehog the food that was mentioned.

In addition, you can also feed him a mini hedgehog that can be purchased at the pet store.

Mini urchins can also be given a special dry food for dogs or cats, but make sure they are small.

Also, do not give foods that contain lactose.

Here are some food tips you can give:

  • Fish burger
  • Adewap Glider Coal Fish Snack
  • Markel of dry cricket
  • Super dried worm
  • Jerry’s Hedgehog Farm

6. Bathe her regularly

Mini urchins also need to be bathed so they don’t smell bad and their health is maintained.

Bathing is also quite easy, just prepare a small bucket full of water, a toothbrush and soap or shampoo for the baby.

Put the mini hedgehog in the bucket, then pour the baby shampoo on his body and brush gently.

The part that really needs to be cleaned is the stomach and between the body.

Rinse the body thoroughly and make sure there is no shampoo residue.

After rinsing, dry the body with a clean cloth or towel.

7. Interact regularly

The last way to care for a mini hedgehog that you have to do is to maintain the interaction.

Interaction with mini hedgehogs is necessary to remove their shyness.

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The easiest way is to rub his body and invite him to play.

How to tame a mini hedgehog

For beginners, the problem that is often encountered when keeping mini curls is to tame them so that they are not afraid when they are held.

The process of taming this cannot be done instantly, but must be done gradually until the hedgehog feels comfortable and is not afraid.

Here are some ways to tame a mini hedgehog that you can do and things you should avoid:

  • Use it with your body odor
  • Avoid using scented products like perfume when you want to tame a hedgehog
  • He often invites the hedgehog to play
  • Avoid using gloves when handling hedgehogs
  • Put your used clothes in the hedgehog’s cage
  • Give hedgehogs a snack when they feel threatened
  • Avoid giving too much food
  • When you raise the hedgehog, avoid throwing a shadow from your body
  • Do not make noise when holding the hedgehog

Price Mini Hedgehog

In the market, mini curls are sold at prices that vary greatly depending on the type.

The following is the price range of mini curls on the market that are commonly held:

  • Mini Pinto Hedgehog, IDR 150-300 thousand
  • Salt and Pepper Mini Hedgehog, IDR 175-300 thousand
  • Charcoal Mini Hedgehog, IDR 175-300 thousand
  • Albino Mini Hedgehog, IDR 175-600 thousand


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