8 Ways to store wet cat food so it doesn’t go stale

8 Ways to store wet cat food so it doesn’t go stale

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Do you know how to properly store wet cat food? Go, see the full review in the article below, Property People!

Wet food usually goes faster than dry food.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to its storage carefully.

Don’t let the fur baby’s health be disturbed because of poor food quality.

Here are some ways to store wet cat food that you can do!

8 ways to store wet cat food

1. Close the Open Cans Meeting

how to store wet cat food

Wet food it usually has a strong and pungent aroma.

This aroma is effective in evoking the cat’s appetite.

However, the quality of these foods deteriorates very quickly after exposure to the outside air.

So, be sure to immediately close the can of wet cat food that you just opened.

If the container is a package, use pliers to seal it tightly.

2. Take Wet Food with Clean Spoon

Next, make sure you always use a clean, dry spoon to remove the food.

Then, wash the spoon you used before using it for the next meal.

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This is to reduce the risk of the cat food being contaminated by external bacteria.

In addition, this step is effective in maintaining the freshness of the food so that its nutritional content is maintained.

3. Give a Time Marker

How to store the next wet cat food, put a time stamp on the packaging.

Write down when you opened the package for the first time wet food.

In this way, it will be easier to know the eligibility of the food.

The reason is that the wet cat food that you have opened can only be consumed for 4-5 days.

Of course with a note that always closes again after each feed.

Food that is left out in the open only lasts for four hours.

4. Store in the Refrigerator

the right way to store wet cat food

When you’re done marking the time, save it wet food in the refrigerator.

The best place is the top shelf where the temperature is stable in the range of 4-7 degrees Celsius.

This temperature is ideal for preserving the structure and taste of food for several days.

Make sure you don’t put it freezer because the frozen food will be contaminated when you thaw it again.

5. Store New Packages at Room Temperature

How about the new wet cat food packaging?

If the package is not opened, you can store the food in a room with a temperature of 20-33 degrees Celsius.

However, make sure that the place to store it is not humid because it can cause quality degradation.

The most ideal place is on the kitchen shelf or the storage cabinet in the dining room.

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6. Put in an Airtight Container

The next way to store the wet cat food, put the packaging that you have opened in an airtight container.

Its purpose is to provide double protection wet food.

Airtight containers can keep food cleaner and prevent air and bacteria contamination in the refrigerator.

Just make sure to always close the lid before storing the container.

7. Check the expiry date of Cat Wet Food

how to store wet cat food so it lasts

Don’t forget to also check the expiry date of wet cat food.

Even if you only keep it for 1-2 days, if the expiration date has passed, you should just throw it away.

Even if you haven’t opened it, expired food is very dangerous for your cat’s health.

8. Throw away unfinished Wet Cat Food

Also, be sure to throw it away wet food that doesn’t end up in the cat’s food bowl.

The maximum time limit is 30-40 minutes after pouring.

In addition to this, the food is definitely degrading in quality and dangerous for the cat’s digestion.

Also make sure to always wash the cat’s feeding area after feeding wet food.


I hope the review on how to store wet cat food above is helpful, yes.

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