8 ways to store vegetables without a refrigerator. Keep it fresh and last!

8 ways to store vegetables without a refrigerator. Keep it fresh and last!

how to store vegetables without a refrigerator

Still don’t know how to store vegetables without a refrigerator? As a reference, see to the end of the full explanation below!

Storing vegetables in the refrigerator is the most practical way to keep them fresh and make the food last longer.

It’s just that, you can not rely on the refrigerator as the only way to store vegetables so they are resistant to soil.

There are times when the refrigerator is damaged, so you have to keep the vegetables at room temperature.

Therefore, to keep vegetables fresh, there are some tips that you can try.

Go ahead, take a look at the following review of how to store vegetables without a refrigerator!

8 ways to store vegetables without a refrigerator

1. Choose fresh vegetables

how to store vegetables without a refrigerator, choose fresh ones

The first way you can do it is to choose good quality and fresh vegetables.

In general, the characteristics of plants that are still good include no broken, wilted or yellow leaves.

Therefore, check these characteristics again when buying vegetables at the market or minimarket.

The reason is that buying vegetables that are not fresh certainly has some disadvantages.

Some examples of its losses are its short life until the vitamin content is reduced or even disappeared.

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2. Discard the Rotten Parts

Vegetables that are still in good condition are mixed with putti, then these vegetables can also be eaten.

Therefore, it is better to remove the rotten parts that are there so as not to spread to other plants.

Some perishable vegetables are carrots, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.

In addition to cleaning the rotten parts, we also need to separate the vegetables that are dry from the fresh ones.

This is done so that the fresh vegetables are not contaminated and their quality is maintained when they are transformed into daily dishes.

3. Clean vegetables

how to store vegetables without washing the refrigerator

After removing the rotten parts, do not forget to wash the vegetables well.

This method of storing vegetables without a refrigerator is very important so that the soil that remains does not cause the vegetables to spoil quickly.

Instead, wash with running water until there is no more dirt.

Although this method is considered effective in making vegetables last longer, there are some vegetables that should not be washed before storing.

Some of these vegetables include kale, spinach, potatoes, leeks and others.

4. Dry the vegetables

After washing, dry the vegetables with a cloth or tissue.

Make sure that the vegetables are completely dry because if they are still wet, this will speed up the decomposition process.

5. Wrap with Paper or Tissue

The next way to store vegetables without refrigeration is to wrap the dried vegetables in paper or tissue.

Wrapping vegetables in tissue or paper can make the food last longer and not spoil easily.

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The reason is that the fabric can be a good moisture retainer, especially when the plants are kept at room temperature.

6. Plastic Store

plastic nuggets

In addition to tissue or paper, you can also use perforated plastic to store vegetables without refrigeration.

This first step is proven to be able to keep the vegetables fresh for a long time.

7. Store in a dry place

Some vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, are best stored in a dry place.

Temperatures that are too humid can cause mold to grow on these vegetables.

In addition to being stored in a dry place, do not forget to avoid putting the vegetables in contact with water because it can make them spoil more easily.

8. Avoid the sun

There are many types of vegetables that should not be exposed to direct sunlight, such as potatoes and kale.

The potatoes themselves can rot more quickly and their quality will decrease when exposed to the sun.

Meanwhile, kale will turn yellow and wilt if exposed to the sun for a long time.


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