8 Ways to Store Kitchen Spices So They Last and Last. Completed!

8 Ways to Store Kitchen Spices So They Last and Last. Completed!

how to store cooking spices to last

You not only have to know how to choose, but also to know how to store spices so that they are durable and long. Go ahead, read the full review below!

The storage of spices in the kitchen is probably one of the jobs that can make you dizzy.

The reason is that herbs are usually more easily broken and damaged if left alone.

In fact, cooking spices include important elements for cooking different everyday dishes.

So, what should you do to make the seasoning last longer?

Compiled from various sources, see how to store spices to last!

7 Ways to Store Kitchen Spices to Last

1. Store in a dry and clean place

how to store cooking spices to last

source: briliofood.net

Kitchen spices are very sensitive to wet and humid areas.

Therefore, one way to store spices so that they last is to store them in a dry and clean place.

Not only that, make sure that the storage place is at room temperature and not humid.

In this way, the seasoning can last more than 1 month.

On the other hand, you must also pay attention to the place used.

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Instead, use baskets that have large pores for better air circulation.

2. Store in an airtight container

If you have kitchen spices, such as pepper, pepper, coriander and the like, it would be good to store them in airtight jars.

When you have to take the spices for cooking, make sure you only take enough with a dry spoon.

This step will make the dried spices last longer even if they are out of the fridge.

3. Keep away from direct sunlight

Most foods are very sensitive to sunlight, including herbs.

Therefore, the correct way to store spices is to avoid places that receive direct sunlight.

Sunlight alone can cause spices to dry, change color and smell bad.

Some kitchen spices that are very sensitive to the sun include tomatoes and chilies.

4. Separate from Fruits and Vegetables

The next way to store kitchen spices so that they last is to separate them from fruits and vegetables.

This is because fruits and vegetables have a high moisture content, so it has the potential to make the spices of the kitchen spoil more quickly.

Also, avoid storing spices near strong food ingredients.

This is because the food ingredients can affect the quality of the taste and aroma of the spices.

5. Avoid storing spices in the kitchen near the stove

It is not only a place exposed to direct sunlight, a place that should be avoided to store kitchen spices is the area near the stove.

Like sunlight, the heat of the stove can cause spices to rot, dry out and change color more quickly.

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6. Separate according to characteristics

how to store kitchen spices so that vegetables last

source: pansamento-rakyat.com

Each type of cuisine must have its own characteristics and characteristics, including shallots and garlic.

Although both are onions, you cannot combine shallots and garlic in the same container.

This is because the two types of onions emit different gases when stored.

Storing shallots and white onions in the same container will only speed up spoilage.

So, don’t forget to separate the two, okay!

7. Store ground spices in a closed container

Do you often spill spices on the floor at home?

To last a long time, be sure to store this cooking spice in a container that can be closed tightly.

This step is especially recommended for ground spices in plastic containers pressed

The goal is that the soil species do not agglomerate when stored.

8. Wash Clean before Storage

The way to store spices so that they last longer is to wash them well before storing them.

This step is mandatory for spices such as bay leaves, lime leaves, galangal, kencur and ginger.

The washing process aims to remove dirt and adhering soil and keep the aroma of spices strong when used for cooking.


We hope that the article on how to store spices so that they are durable above can be useful!

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