8 Ways to Set Sharp AC Remote for Maximum Cool

8 Ways to Set Sharp AC Remote for Maximum Cool

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There are many ways parameter far away Sharp air conditioners allow you to cool the maximum, but save electricity what you need to know, Property People. Check out the full review here!

Air conditioning (AC) The Sharp brand is widely used by the public because it has excellent features at a relatively low price.

In fact, for some types and types of Sharp AC, the price is not more than Rp 2 million which is surely very affordable.

However, with continuous use, not infrequently the owner of this air conditioner often assumes that there is a damage because the cold temperature that comes out is not optimal.

Relax, the cause of AC not cold could be due to many factors, one of which is parameter or putting on far away which is wrong.

So, we will explain the steps or ways parameter far away Sharp AC let cool that was compiled from various sources.

8 Dear Parameter Remote Sharp AC so it’s cold

1. Turn on the Sharp AC unit

how do you put a sharp ac remote so that it is cold

source: youtube.com/Technician Jember

The first step, of course, is to turn on the Sharp AC unit through the AC unit internal o far away default.

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Press the button on/off on far away AC Sharp Until AC internal really alive or on fire.

2. Use Standard Temperature

In the first step after the AC is activated, do not force it to go directly to the coldest temperature.

However, first use the standard temperature, then increase gradually so that the room temperature can cool to the maximum.

3. Change Temperature Gradually

Well, after the air temperature is cold enough caused by the air conditioner, then I recommend you to increase the temperature of the air conditioner.

This is done so that the engine on the AC is not “surprised” because it must immediately work optimally.

In addition, this gradual change can make the life of the air conditioner longer and not easily damaged.

4. Turn On Mode Cool

remote ac sharp

source: wigatos.com

If you have made a temperature change, but the room does not feel cold to the maximum, then activate the mode function cool on far away could be an option.

The reason is, when you activate this function, the cooling process in the room will be faster.

As for the steps or ways parameter Sharp AC remote let cool with this function are the following:

  • Click on the “Mode” button several times until you see a special symbol on the remote display A.C.
  • Turn on fans pada remote.

5. Activate Fan Mode

You have activated the mode cool but the room is still not cold enough?

Steps you can do is activate the mode fans on far away.

For information, many Sharp AC users think that the cool and fashion fans same

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However, in fact, these two ways are different because of the way fans or fan mode has a higher level of mode cool.

By activating these two modes, the room can cool down faster.

6. Turn On Mode Swing

how do you put a sharp ac remote so that it is cold

source: youtube.com/wawan pzex

darling parameter Sharp AC remote for maximum cooling that is also often used by many people is to turn on the mode swing.

Mode swing This function is to regulate the release of air and regulate the horizontal or vertical blowing direction.

Later, the cold air in the room can quickly spread more evenly so that the cold will be maximum.

7. Activate Features Comfort

Activate the features comfortable on far away The Sharp AC that you control the temperature in the room.

In addition, the speed of the fan will automatically adjust itself when the comfortable is activated.

8. Adjust to Temperature outside

So that the temperature in the room can feel more optimal, it must be adjusted to the temperature outside the room.

Without realizing it, this is quite influential on the cold level of the air conditioner in the room.

If the temperature outside feels very hot, make a gradual decrease in the temperature of the air conditioner so that the cold air in the room can be felt more.


That’s the way putting the distance AC Sharp for maximum cold, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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