8 ways to remove rust on iron quickly and easily

8 ways to remove rust on iron quickly and easily

how to remove rust from iron

Is the iron furniture in the house rusted? Here’s how to quickly get rid of rust on iron with easy-to-find ingredients!

If not properly cared for, the iron and metal furniture in the house is very susceptible to rust stains.

While well-maintained iron and metal furniture can increase the resale value of your property.

So what if all the iron and metal furniture in the house is completely rusted?

Because it is not easy to prevent rust stains,especially if the air conditions are very humid like during the rainy season.

Don’t worry, you can still clean rust stains. Curious?

Here are the 5 most effective ways to remove rust from www.lacrymosemedia.com!

How to remove rust from iron easily

1. Baking Soda

baking soda

Credit: Gettyimage

Although it is known as one of the ingredients for making cakes, it turns out that bicarbonate of soda has many other benefits.

One of them is to remove rust. How to use it is also very easy.

Simply mix baking soda with water until thick, then apply to the surface of iron or rough metal furniture.

Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and rub the area with a cloth, until the rust is gone.

Repeat two to three times until the rust stain is completely gone.

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2. Mix Baking Soda Powder, Salt, Citrus Juice

There is no need to look far, just rely on the ingredients in your kitchen.

Some ingredients that are effective in removing rust include baking soda, salt, and lemon juice.

Mix half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda, and lemon juice in a bowl and let it sit for two hours.

Apply the solution mixture to the rusty object.

Leave it for a few moments and then wipe it off until the rust is gone and gone.

3. Vinegar

the vinegar

Vinegar has acid and antimicrobial properties.

This property is what makes vinegar known as a natural cleaner.

To remove rust with vinegar, just wash the rusted furniture with vinegar, then leave it for 10 minutes.

Scrub the furniture with a lint until the rust stain is gone.

4. Carbonated Soda Drinks

For those of you who can’t drink a lot of soda, don’t worry.

You can also buy, and taste a little.

Then the rest, use it to remove the rust on the iron and metal furniture in your home.

Their soft drinks have high acid compounds.

The acid contained in this drink is useful for removing rust.

All you have to do is pour baking soda on the rust stain, then wipe it off with a dish towel.

5. Potatoes


source: Pinterest

If you have leftover potatoes and are confused about what to do, just use them to remove rust stains on your furniture.

Potatoes contain oxalic acid which is able to dissolve rust.

It’s easy, just cut the potato in half, then add the salt.

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Rub on the surface of the rusty furniture until the stain disappears. Easy right?

6. Solar

Do you have a diesel engine at home?

You can pour some of the fuel to clean the rust.

Soak the rusty item in diesel, and leave it overnight for a reaction to occur.

Remove the marinade, and rub off the rust spots.

7. Sandpaper


In addition to being able to be used to smooth the surface of objects, sandpaper can also remove rust on iron.

It is very easy to use, just rub the surface of the rusty iron.

Just keep in mind, do not scrub too hard, because it can damage the surface of the object.

If the eye is difficult to remove, do it for a long time, but gently.

8. Lemon Powder

Basically, lemon, citric acid or citric acid is a food acidifier.

In any case, the lemon is also proven to be effective in removing dirt on the iron surface, one of which is rust.

To apply, simply mix the lemon powder with hot water, then immerse the rusty object in the solution mixture.

You can buy citron powder in a pastry shop.

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