8 Ways to remove guests kindly, don’t hesitate!

8 Ways to remove guests kindly, don’t hesitate!

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Sometimes we have uninvited guests who disturb our household activities. There is no need to hesitate, you have the right to refuse their presence, that’s it. Therefore, in order not to appear hurt, we explain how to expel kindly guests below!

In some moments, the expression of guests who bring sustenance sometimes does not apply, especially if the visiting guests are not aware of themselves and make our business disturbed.

For example, they visit when it is late at night, interrupting the time me timeand so on.

However, of course, you can’t get rid of it immediately like that.

If this is done, the relationship of friendship or friendship that has been established can be broken instantly.

Therefore, to work around this, there are some tips or ways to expel the guests.

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8 Ways to Dismiss Guests in a Kind and Polite Way

1. Set a time limit

look at the clock

You can set the time for visitors to visit, especially if it is a close friend.

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This is because some guests often miss that the residents of the house still have other activities that are no less important.

If it has been determined from the beginning, the guests will understand and will not feel pushed when it is time to go home.

2. Don’t be too nice

Honoring guests is an obligation.

However, if you feel that the visiting time of a guest has exceeded the limit, it is better for you to act.

Make an awkward gesture and don’t be too nice.

Usually, a guest who understands, will notice the difference in our attitude, so he will go home without us needing to “kick him out”.

3. Looking at the Clock and Pretending to Be Surprised

You can also make a subtle way to expel the guests with a simple trick.

One of them looks at the clock accompanied by a surprised gesture.

If necessary, add a word of emphasis such as “Wow, it’s already 9 pm, huh!”

This can at least make the guests go home without us having to throw them away.

On the other hand, the guests also sometimes forget that they have visited for a long time.

4. Show Yawns

how to throw away with kind guests

Showing yawns repeatedly is an indication that you are not interested in a chat when visiting a guest.

This you can apply if there is no other way you can choose.

You can also try an expression of sleep and it seems not to focus on what the guests say, that’s it.

Some guests who “get it” with this gesture will surely understand that what the owner of the house is doing is a sign that we have to go home.

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5. Cleaning plates and glasses on the table

This method can be quite effective if the guests visiting your home are the “feeling” type.

Cleaning the dishes and glasses that are on the table while the chatter in the room is still going on is not good manners.

However, sometimes this must be done.

In fact, if this way the guests are not yet “aware”, you can make a bit of a mess in the kitchen by washing the dishes noisily.

This can make the guests uncomfortable and uncomfortable, so the opportunity to go home is very great.

6. Create a logical reason for leaving a Guest

how to kick out guests

How to politely expel guests without hurting their feelings can also be done by giving a logical reason.

For example, explaining the reasons if there are still tasks that must be completed immediately.

Of course, you have to explain with kindness and politeness.

A guest who understands immediately will go home and leave your home.

7. Reprimand when he exceeded the limit

Dismissing a guest by telling him to go home is not a wise choice.

However, you can do with good language.

Tell me if the visiting time is too long or late at night.

In this way, the guests understand and it is not impossible for them to understand their mistake and apologize.

Together for the common good, right?

8. Tell me to come home soon

In some moments, you, as the owner of the house, have the right to “avoid guests” if you feel that the guest starts to disturb you.

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There is nothing wrong with suggesting that guests return home immediately, especially if you have important needs.

However, try to deliver politely and start with an apology.

Is it okay to kick out a guest?

Is it possible to remove the guest?

In Islam, expelling guests or refusing someone’s arrival at home is not recommended.

The hadith narrated by Bukhari Muslim mentions, Rasulullah saw. said:

“He who believes in Allah and the Last Day, should honor his guests.”

The hadith emphasizes that guests who come must be honored in this way.

If someone does not honor the guests, this is the same as someone who refuses blessings or sustenance and stays away from heaven.

However, keep in mind that the above context is specific from an Islamic point of view.

The reason is, in social life, often can not predict the character of the visitors.


These are a number of ways to evict kind guests, Property People.

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