8 ways to prevent fires in the kitchen. Should Pay Attention, Yes!

8 ways to prevent fires in the kitchen. Should Pay Attention, Yes!

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If it is not used carefully, the kitchen area can be a cause of fire. To avoid unwanted incidents, see how to prevent fires in the kitchen below!

The kitchen area is one of the busiest areas of the residence.

The reason is that residents do different activities in the area, such as cooking, food preparation and meeting places.

Unfortunately, the kitchen is also a high-risk area because the activity usually involves fire.

To prevent unwanted things like fires in the kitchen area, there are several steps you can take.

Launch different sources, look at a number of ways to prevent fires in the kitchen that follows, let’s go!

8 ways to prevent fires in the kitchen

1. Ensure adequate ventilation

how to prevent fire in the kitchen with adequate ventilation

source: unsplash.com/@runejohs

The first way to prevent fire in the kitchen is to ensure adequate ventilation in the kitchen.

This step is done so that the air can easily enter and exit.

Don’t forget to also place the stove and the gas cylinder in a well-ventilated place.

2. Keep the Stove From Combustible Elements

Avoid placing gas stove near flammable objects such as towels, plastic bags, wood and paper.

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Also, do not place matches near the stove as this will cause a large flame.

It is highly recommended to put only the necessary items such as cooking ingredients, spices and kitchen utensils.

3. Don’t stack Contacts

sockets stacked

For electricity in the kitchen, do not install excessive lights and sticks stop the contact piled up

The reason is that this condition can actually cause the power cable to heat up and melt faster.

If left alone, this can also cause a spark that causes a fire.

4. Install the smoke detector near the kitchen

The next way to prevent fire in the kitchen is to install a smoke detector.

This fire alarm can be one of the most valuable investments you will ever buy.

Even so, pay attention to the area where the smoke detector is installed.

Avoid installing these items in the stove area because they can trigger an alarm if it detects a small amount of smoke while cooking.

It is better to install it away from the stove, but still in the kitchen area to be able to detect thick smoke in case of fire.

5. Clean the kitchen area regularly

how to prevent fire in the kitchen clean the area regularly

The area near the stove where there are food residues can trigger a fire to spread. that’s it!

Therefore, cleaning the kitchen is a way to prevent fire in the kitchen that must be done.

Perform this cleaning process on the stove area as a fire funnel and apple and also other kitchen utensils before cooking.

In addition to preventing fires, cleaning the kitchen regularly is useful to keep the area clean and prevent odors.

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6. Avoid leaving food on the stove for a long time

In some cases, you have to leave the food you make in the kitchen.

After being abandoned, many people forget to return to the kitchen to clean their dishes.

If left alone, these conditions can burn the food.

Burnt food can trigger the stove’s fire to expand and start a fire.

7. Always have a Fire Extinguisher Light

how to prevent a fire in the kitchen a light extinguisher

Most kitchens in Indonesia are rarely equipped with a small fire extinguisher (APAR).

In fact, the existence of this object will be very useful for extinguishing fires or controlling small fires.

After knowing the benefits, do not forget to always provide this fire extinguisher in your home, OK!

8. Perform a Power Outage

The last way to prevent fire in the kitchen is to turn off the electricity from the KWH meter.

You can do this step if the fire that occurred was caused by an electrical short circuit.

If the fire does not go out, do not flood the source of the fire with water.

In any case, first priority is the safety of yourself and your family.

After that, contact the fire department immediately.

Try to provide clear information such as the cause of the fire and details of the location of your home.


I hope that the discussion on how to prevent fires in the kitchen can be useful, Property People!

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