8 ways to prevent cats from peeing carelessly at home. powerful!

8 ways to prevent cats from peeing carelessly at home. powerful!

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Does your pet cat often urinate inappropriately? Don’t get confused, here are a number of ways to keep your cat from peeing without care at home, the most effective way you can try. Listen carefully, yes!

The behavior of adult cats can sometimes make the owner dizzy.

As he gets older, there are things about his behavior that can make you shake your head.

For example, he suddenly started to like to pee or defecate carelessly.

If you experience this, let’s see how to prevent cats from peeing carelessly in the house next!

8 ways to prevent cats from peeing carelessly at home

1. Place the Sandbox in an easily accessible location

how to prevent cats from urinating

First, it could be the cause of the cat urinating carelessly is the difficulty of accessing the litter box.

So, check the location of the sandbox at home.

Is the location easily accessible to cats?

So, is the place quiet enough for him to defecate?

Remember, the ideal place is a place that is easily seen or frequented by him.

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For example, in the corner of the room is not far from where he eats every day.

You can also put a litter box in the toilet, but make sure the toilet door is not closed at all times.

2. Clean and change the sand regularly

Place litter box it is comfortable and calm, but sometimes the cat still pees carelessly?

It could be that the problem lies in the cleanliness of the cat in it.

If you rarely change or dry, the sand will cause an unpleasant smell.

This is what prompts the cat to look for another place to defecate.

Well, the way to keep cats from urinating carelessly is to regularly replace or dry out the litter you use.

Also wash the box every one to two weeks with soap and warm water.

This is important to ensure the comfort of the cat when he wants to defecate.

3. Use the same type of Sand

overcome cat pee without care at home

The way to keep cats from peeing carelessly in the house next door is to make sure they always use the same litter.

Cats are comfortable creatures with fixed habits and routines.

If you suddenly change his pee or use a different sand, he will feel uncomfortable.

As a result, the cat refuses to defecate in the available place.

When it comes to changing the sand, be sure to mix the new and old sand first.

This is to give the cat time to adapt to the new litter.

4. Spray the Smell Cats Hate

Spraying the room with a smell that does not like can also be a way to keep the cat from peeing without care at home.

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You can use a citrus refresher, eucalyptus oil, pine or cinnamon.

Spray the fragrance in the corner of the room or around the furniture that is often the target of cat urine.

After this, the cat will certainly feel uncomfortable to roam the area.

However, be sure not to overdo it while doing so, as this risks stressing you out.

5. Clean the corners of the house carefully

how to prevent cats from peeing carelessly in the house

When the cat has urinated on a spot, immediately clean the area carefully.

Use an enzyme cleaner to remove traces of cat urine in your home.

The goal is that the cat does not return to that place and repeat the same thing.

So, be sure not to use cleaning fluids that contain ammonia.

This is because the smell of ammonia is similar to the cat’s urine, so it can cause it to weigh in that place.

6. Teach Cats How to Use the Sandbox

The next way to keep cats from urinating carelessly is to train them.

This step is specifically for those of you who adopt anabolic (feather children) when they are more than 1-2 years old.

It could be, until now they are not used to using the sandbox as it works.

That is why he tends to pee in a comfortable and safe place for him.

7. Alleviate Pet Cat Anxiety

cat pee solution on couch

The phenomenon of a cat that urinates carelessly can occur because it feels stressed and anxious.

Either because of the presence of a new cat or the noise around the house.

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These things can be stressful because cats are animals that stick to routines.

If you have trouble calming the anxiety, try taking your cat to the nearest veterinarian.

The goal is to get a stress relievers that are prescribed by a doctor.

Also, make sure you regularly interact with it to give the cat a sense of security and comfort.

8. Trim the Hair Around the Cat’s Feet

Finally, try to pay attention to whether the hair around the legs is long or not.

If it is long, this could be the reason why they do not like to use the litter box.

This is because the sand in the box tends to stick to its long fur, making it feel dirty.

As a solution, you can shorten the cat’s skin in the area to make it more comfortable.

Also make sure to bathe regularly so that the cat’s body smells fresher.


I hope this method to keep the cat from peeing in the house is useful, yes.

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