8 ways to get rid of white fleas on Chili with natural ingredients

8 ways to get rid of white fleas on Chili with natural ingredients

Get rid of white flies and ants on the featured image of chili

Do you want to know how to get rid of ladybugs on chili peppers? Find out more here!

Getting rid of ladybugs on chiles is very important to prevent pests that damage chiles in your home.

Not infrequently, lice can attack so that the chili you plant fails to harvest.

The cause of the crop failure was due to ladybug o cook flour which prevents the growth of plants.

This type of mealybug generally attacks ornamental plants and plants in the garden.

Meanwhile, the size of ladybugs varies from 1 to 4 millimeters, with the length depending on age and species, because ladybugs also live in colonies.

This attack of ladybugs also causes black spots around the shoots of the plant, causing spots to appear on the surface of the leaf.

It is important for you to find out the problem with the ladybugs so as not to land on these plants.

In this case, the eradication of ladybugs is an important part, including growing chiles at home.

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To avoid crop failure, what is the way to eradicate ladybugs on chilies? Check out the discussion together!

How to get rid of white lice on chile naturally and easily

So that the plants at home do not die suddenly, there are some steps and methods that you need to know in eradicating white flies. the following.

1. The use of natural insecticides for cooking

Get rid of the cochineals with garlic insecticide

Source: Schoolmedia.id

The use of natural insecticides for cockroaches can be an easy solution to apply.

The method is easy, that is to say by mixing 1 garlic, 1 onion, and 1 spoon of cayenne pepper with a paste texture.

Then, mix the paste in 1 liter of water and leave for an hour and strain with cheesecloth so that it is well mixed.

2. Use hot water

Boil water to remove the cochins on the chili

Source: Klikdokter.com

The mealybug often secretes a sticky and attractive substance on the parts of the affected plant, which effectively deters natural predators from approaching ladybugs.

Therefore, you can spray the unaffected plants in water or pour boiling water on the flea nest.

3. How to get rid of ladybugs on the nails with detergents

The use of detergents

Source: Kompas.com

The use of liquid detergent through the following steps:

  1. Mix 100 grams of detergent powder with one liter of water.
  2. Stir until the detergent powder dissolves in the water.
  3. Apply this liquid detergent to the affected part of the tree. Brush gently until all lice are removed and cleaned from the stems of the plant.
  4. Leave for 15 minutes.
  5. Clean the remaining detergent liquid adhering to the plant with clean water.
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4. Use Cucumber

Cucumber for chili mealybug

Source: Sehatq.com

Getting rid of ladybugs with cucumber sounds quite strange and many people do not understand the process.

It turns out that the cucumber is a type of fruit that does not like parasites, so it can be used.

The method is also quite easy, i.e. placing pieces of cucumber near the plant on the lice.

5. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice

Source: Alodokter.com

In addition to cooling your body, you can get rid of mealybugs on chilies with a squeeze of lemon water with the acid level is very high.

Without a doubt, lemon water is very worthy of being a medicine in the eradication of ladybugs at home.

6. The use of Pepper Powder in Chili Plants

Pepper powder to get rid of lice

Source: Maknawi.com

Pepper is one of the kitchen ingredients that is useful to complement different types of food, but it can be used for plants.

Because pepper can be used to get rid of ladybugs, sprinkling from the part of the plant that is attacked by lice.

7. How to get rid of ladybugs on chili plants with dish soap

Dish soap

Source: Freepik

In addition to detergent, you can make dish soap in this way:

  1. Pour drops of dish soap into a spray bottle.
  2. Mix well and spray the part of the lice that has accumulated.
  3. Wait up to 15 minutes.

8. Trimming the Parts Affected by Lice

Pruning chilli plants

Source: Inspirasipertanian.com

If the cochineal has taken hold, it is a good idea to cut the part by trimming the infected part without hesitation to remove it.

Here are some easy and effective steps to get rid of ladybugs on chili peppers, hopefully they will be useful for the owners!

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