8 ways to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom safely

8 ways to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom safely

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How to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom can be done easily and safely, although in practice you always have to be careful. Go ahead, read the full review here!

The presence of scorpions in the bathroom is very possible, especially if the area is dirty and humid.

The reason is, the scorpion is one of the animals that likes to be in a place that is not wet or water.

Therefore, if it is not treated properly, it is possible that the scorpion will reside and disturb the residents of the house.

Just so you know, scorpion bites can hurt because some types of these animals have poison.

So, how to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom safely?

How to get rid of Scorpions in the bathroom

1. Using Pest Spray

get rid of moths

As with other types of annoying animals, repel scorpions can be done with a pest spray.

However, first you must know the area or scorpion nest.

Do the spraying process regularly, especially during the day, because at these times the scorpion is usually sitting in the nest.

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2. Using Mouse Glue as a trap

As nocturnal animals, scorpions do a lot of activity at night.

Well, before you go to bed, you can try to set a trap with mouse glue.

Put glue and traps in the corners of the bathroom that are not flooded and then wait the next day.

3. Clean the bathroom from various Dirt

how to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom

It is very important to keep the bathroom clean so that scorpions do not nest.

Also, avoid piles of items that you feel are unnecessary because they will create a damp aura that scorpions love.

4. Keep lavender plants in the bathroom

Lavender plants have a smell that scorpions do not like.

You can apply this method by storing lavender in the bathroom area, as well as hanging it on the wall as you decorate a room.

In addition to the smell of the inhabitants and the beautiful appearance of the bathroom, the scorpion will go and not return.

5. Using Liquid Bleach Clothes

Laundry bleach is relatively safer than, for example, disinfectant.

Therefore, if you want to prioritize safety, bleach for clothes can be used as a substitute for pest control.

Pour the bleach into a spoon and then put it in the drain.

After that, repeat several times a day and wait until the scorpion is gone.

6. Using vinegar

how to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom

source: pause.id

Another way to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom is to use vinegar.

In addition to being quite effective, vinegar is also able to damage the sensors in the body of the scorpion and even make the scorpion attack itself.

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Spray the vinegar on the body of the scorpion when you see it in the bathroom and let it sting.

7. Close the holes in the bathroom

Bathrooms usually have a drainage hole that can be a scorpion nest or a favorite place.

Well, to minimize the presence of scorpions in the bathroom, it is a good idea to try to keep the holes closed.

The reason is that scorpions can enter the house through these holes, that’s it.

Another solution, cover the hole with a wire gauze with a high density level.

Meanwhile, if there is a leaking water channel, repair it immediately to avoid the presence of scorpions.

8. Eliminate Scorpion Food Sources

How to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom can also be done by eliminating the food source.

Scorpion food is generally around the bathroom, like cockroaches, geckos, grasshoppers.

So, make sure the food source isn’t in the bathroom, OK?


That’s how to get rid of scorpions in the bathroom, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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