8 ways to get rid of rat carcasses the most effective and easy

8 ways to get rid of rat carcasses the most effective and easy

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The smell of rat carcasses is not only disturbing, but also makes us sick no lust How to remove the smell of rat carcasses should be practiced at home. Definitely on target!

Getting rid of mice with poison is really effective.

But sometimes you confuse yourself when you die and leave an eerie smell of carrion.

Remove the smell immediately!

Besides being disgusting, this can certainly make you and your family uncomfortable at home.

How to get rid of the smell of a rat carcass is quite simple, but you have to be good at dealing with a rat carcass.

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How to get rid of the smell of rat carcasses at home

1. Find the Source of the Rat Odor

how to remove the smell of rat carcasses

The first step you need to take is to find the source of the smell, even where the carcass of the rat is located.

Usually this place will not be far from the place where the smell is very strong.

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You can also tell this position by the presence of green flies around.

If you can’t find it on the floor, try to move it to the upper area of ​​the house, like the roof.

See if there are any stains or wet spots or not.

That could be where the carcass is.

After finding a dead mouse, pick it up immediately and bury it away from the house.

Do not forget to use hand protection such as gardening gloves or those made of rubber.

If you do not dare, ask the gardener who happens to work in your house to remove the fart.

2. How to remove the smell of Carcass Rat with water

how to remove the smell of rat carcasses

After the carcass is removed, take the next step, which is to remove traces and odors from the dead mice.

Wash the area with the smell of carrion with water containing a carbolic liquid.

The antiseptic content and fresh aroma will cause the odor to break down and remove the remaining germs and fly eggs that are left behind.

After this scrub the area with a brush and then rinse with water.

If you have a hydraulic water spray, this will be even better!

Do this process one to two times for maximum results.

After that, wipe the wet area with a dry cloth.

After that, don’t forget to throw the fabric in the trash!

3. Clean the house with fresh fragrance

how to remove the smell of rat carcasses

It didn’t stop there, it turned out Friend 99.

After the cleaning process with carbolic and brush, you also mop the area with a fresh cleaning liquid.

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You can do this a few hours after the cleaning process with an antiseptic liquid.

4. Eliminate Rat Carcass Odor with Vinegar

how to remove the smell of rat carcasses

Danger too no if the smell of carrion is still stubborn even if it has been brushed and mopped with perfume.

Take it easy, there is a powerful way you can do it with natural ingredients from your kitchen.

Pour the white vinegar in a bowl and put it on the smelly area.

Leave it for a few minutes, at least a day later clean it with a mop.

You can also use charcoal to absorb the bad smell.

5. Use Baking Soda

how to get rid of the smell of soda rat carcasses

When you have found the location of the smell of dead rats, you can remove the bad smell with baking soda.

It’s very easy!

Just put a bowl of baking soda on the area.

If it still smells, throw away the baking soda and replace it with a new one.

After that, spray the area with fragrance or use carbolic water.

6. Remove the Smell of Dead Rats with Coffee

coffee powder

Do you like to drink coffee?

If so, don’t throw away the dung dust!

The smell of new coffee can reduce the unpleasant smell of dead mice.

The method is the same as with baking soda, cook!

7. Diligently Open Windows and Home Ventilation

how to remove the smell of rat carcasses

Have you looked everywhere and the source of this carcass can not be found?

It could be that this rat carcass is in a water channel near your room.

If so, you probably have to be patient for the next three weeks, because that’s when the smell will disappear by itself.

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Under normal circumstances, rat carcasses will completely decompose and stop emitting odors after three weeks.

Overcome this smell by diligently opening the windows of your home.

Also, use room deodorizers such as fresh flowers or aromatherapy with a fresh aroma.

You can also be more diligent in mopping the floor of your house so that the room continues to feel fresh.

8. Use Charcoal

Charcoal has the power to absorb unpleasant odors, even to eliminate the smell of rat carcasses.

It’s easy, just put a few pieces of charcoal in the area of ​​the house that smells like carrion for a while.

I hope the tips we have provided above can be useful for all of you, Friends 99!


Hope this article is helpful, Friend 99!

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