8 Ways to configure a WiFi router at home and the steps, it’s easy!

8 Ways to configure a WiFi router at home and the steps, it’s easy!

How to set up the updated home router

It can be done at home, let’s find out how to configure a WiFi router so that the internet is faster for different activities in general with the steps here!

In an increasingly modern era, the internet has become increasingly essential to support business.

The reason is that almost everything is connected to the Internet, from work to entertainment.

For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to everything related to the internet at home, such as the choice of a good Internet provider, and the creation of a WiFi router.

How what? how to install a WiFi router at home? Check out the discussion with the steps below!

How to easily set up a WiFi router at home

If you have purchased WiFi to increase your Internet network so that it is more optimal, there are several steps that you can take as follows.

1. Connect Modem with Router

Dear setting router

Source: Howtogeek.com

The first step is to connect the cable jack to the router, then connect it to the nearby cable outlet.

Connect the LAN cable to the WAN port on the router to the LAN port on the Modem easily and correctly according to the rules.

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Before connecting the device with a wired network, make sure that the router recognizes the modem first.

2. Connect the Router to the Computer

Connect the LAN cable with the router

Source: Pusatfotokopi.com

The next step you can do is to connect the computer to the LAN available on the router.

Insert the LAN cable into the computer’s LAN port, and connect to an available LAN port on the router.

In order for the Internet connection to be normal, it is good if the WiFi is disabled first so that it can be properly connected at all.

3. Open Router Admin and Log In

Example of router admin display

Source: 19216811. one

After the modem and router have started to connect, you can also turn on your computer or laptop with a browser.

You can access the address of the router, to enter the administrator by entering the username and password.

To find out the address of the administrator routeryou can find out through the manual guide on router.

Meanwhile, how to install a WiFi router at this stage must pay attention to the manual and the CD again so that it is installed correctly.

4. Enter Information About Internet Connectivity

Internet connection active

Source: Inspiration.biz

Next, you can enter the data and router settings according to the Internet provider you use to connect to the Internet.

Also make sure that the internet, ethernet and devices connected to the router are turned on through the indicator lights.

5. Router Settings

How to change TP Link WiFi name

Source: Neicytekno.net

The next setting on your router. It is better not to use the default name of the router for Internet security.

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Therefore, Property People can change the SSID-WiFi name.

You also need to establish other security measures to prevent hackers.

Use the WPA2 Wireless Encryption feature, but first make sure the router you are using already supports this feature.

6. Turn on the Router

The best WiFi router

When you want to use a WiFi network, it is also necessary to turn on the router so that it can be used.

Make sure each router green as a sign of working well.

If you have problems, be sure to contact the supplier by router what you use.

7. Connect Network to Device

WiFi connected

Source: Neowin.com

After the router is activated, you can now connect WiFi with gadgets like laptops and phones at home.

Make sure that the network connection to the device can be connected properly, by entering the WiFi password after connecting.

8. Reboot if there is interference

Restart the internet at home

Source: Komando.com

By the time gadgets not connected properly, the way to set up a WiFi router that you can do is to do it restart repeat

Rebooting refers to turning off and restarting the WiFi so that it can adjust back to its initial settings.

You can also do a “forget the connection” or remove the connection cable between the WiFi and the modem so that it returns to optimal mode.


Here are some ways to set up a WiFi router to facilitate a more practical Internet connection.

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