8 Ways to Clean Your Carpet So It’s Clean and Smells Good

8 Ways to Clean Your Carpet So It’s Clean and Smells Good

how to clean carpet
How to clean the carpet easily

There are many functions of the carpet if we install it at home, from an aesthetic reinforcement, able to mold the sound, to like a cushion to sit and play with the family. Therefore, we need to regularly clean the carpet so that it is not smelly and dirty.

You see, carpets can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases if they are rarely cleaned properly. Don’t worry, we don’t need to clean it up wash the carpet laundry room See, we can clean up home alone

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So, how do you clean carpets?

Citing from several sources, here are ways that you can do to clean the floor carpet so that it is not bad.

1. Clean the carpet with a brush

Use a brush to manually clean floor rugs, especially if you have furry pets that roam freely around the house.

You can use a brush made of natural fibers with soft bristles because the structure can clean the carpet without pulling the lint, as shown below.

how to clean carpet
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2. Use Vacuum cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet every day if you don’t want to disturb it. You see, a vacuum cleaner can reduce the spread of diseases and minimize color fading due to dirt.

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Not only the top, we also need to vacuum the bottom so as not to accumulate and make the floor dirty.

how to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner
Vacuum the carpet with a vacuum so that the dirt can be lifted

3. Wash the floor mat with High pressure cleaner

We can also use it alternative tool for washing carpets called hhigh pressure cleaner.

The method is quite easy. Hang or dry the carpet first, then spray high pressure water from the high pressure cleaner. Use a spray that focuses on a single point and brush with a soft brush to remove stubborn stains.

Tips for cleaning carpets with a high pressure cleaner
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4. Use a soft cloth

If you accidentally spill liquid, avoid rubbing the stain on the carpet because it can spread the soil even more. We can gently wipe the stains with the soft cloth below.

how to clean the carpet with a microfiber cloth
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5. Use a special cleaning detergent

If you want wash carpet made of polyester or nylon, then the safest way is to use a special cleaning detergent that has a soft texture. Thus, the fibers on the carpet are not damaged.

Do this by mixing detergent in a bucket full of hot water, then gently brush it on. After that, wash with clean water. The following are recommendations for carpet cleaning detergents.

how to clean carpet
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6. Use Baking soda

Are there stubborn stains that have been left on the surface of the carpet for a long time? No need to worry, you can get rid of it with baking soda. Sprinkle the powder directly over the stain and let it sit for 8 hours or overnight.

After that, clean use vacuum cleaner so that the rest baking soda can be raised. If there are still stains, you can remove them with a detergent and a rag.

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how to clean carpet
Baking soda can make the carpet look cleaner, so it looks like new

7. Use white vinegar

Dirty carpets usually smell musty and mold grows in the fibers. However, we can overcome this with white vinegar.

The trick is to mix white vinegar with hot water in a spray bottle and shake until the solution is combined. After that, spray on the carpet until it dries.

Well, the strong smell of vinegar can neutralize all the musty smells during the drying process.

how to clean carpet
Spray white vinegar to clean the stain and lift the musty smell

8. Dry the carpet

To prevent mold, we can dry the carpet by hanging it outside the house, especially if the carpet is still wet. Make sure the carpet is completely dry so it doesn’t cause mold and musty smell.

Even if it has not been washed, drying the carpet outside the house can also prevent unpleasant odors and maintain the quality of the carpet.

how to clean carpet
After drying, the carpet can be reused immediately

These are eight ways you can do to clean and wash the carpets until they are clean and fragrant.

Of course, we should always keep the carpet clean so as not to step on it when using shoes. Although it is a little more complicated, but the effort to keep the carpet clean will be in accordance with the security and comfort provided.

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