8 ways to clean dirty and dull tile floors

8 ways to clean dirty and dull tile floors

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Property People, have a tile floor at home, but it looks ugly and not beautiful? Go ahead, make your floor shine again with this tile floor cleaning method!

Lately, many people use tile floors in their home to create an impression vintage on occupation.

However, most people do not know how to take care of this floor in their homes.

This makes the floor dirty, dull, and the color looks faded.

So that the floor can be clean and shiny again, we follow how to clean dirty tile floors here!

How to clean a dirty and dull tile floor

1. Lemon

how to clean cedar tile floors

source: kalakabnb.com

The first way to clean dirty and dull tile floors is to use citron.

Just mix lemon and water until the texture becomes a paste.

After that, apply the paste to the entire surface of your tile floor.

Wait a few moments, then brush the floor with a soft brush in a circular motion.

After all surfaces are thoroughly washed, clean the floor with clean water.

2. Starfruit Wuluh

Belimbing wuluh also turns out to be able to make the floor look clean and shiny, that’s it!

Prepare some starfruit and mash it until it turns into a paste.

Rub the starfruit on the dirty, dull tile floor.

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After all the surfaces of the floor have been washed, leave the floor for ten minutes.

Finally, rinse the floor with clean water and remove the remaining wuluh starfruit that is attached.

3. Vinegar

how to clean tile floors with vinegar

source: grid.id

The next way to clean the tile floor is to use vinegar.

Vinegar is an ingredient that is often used to clean different things in the house.

Not only furniture or clothes, it turns out that vinegar can also clean the floor, that’s it!

The trick, just mix vinegar with water, then use it to mop the surface of the tiles.

4. Baking soda and toothpaste

Other materials you can use are baking soda and toothpaste.

These two things can eliminate the dullness and the dirt that remains on the floor.

Mix it up baking soda and toothpaste then apply to the entire surface of the floor evenly.

Finally, scrub with a soft brush and rinse with clean water until the floor shines again.

5. Wheat flour

how to clean flour tile floors

source: kompas.com

The next way to clean the tile floor is to use corn flour.

Flour is an ingredient that you definitely have in your home.

You can use these ingredients to clean the tiles.

Sprinkle flour over the entire surface of the floor of the house and leave for an hour.

Then, clean the flour removed and rinse with clean water.

6. Liquid Carbolic

Carbolic acid is a powerful floor cleaning agent that removes dirt, oil, stains and bacteria from the floor.

However, this liquid is quite hard, so you should use protective attributes, such as gloves and a mask, when removing the floor.

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So that the color on the tiles does not disappear or fade, also make sure to choose carbol that is safe for tiles.

7. Chlorine

how to clean tile floors with chlorine

source: granite.com

The next way you can do it is to clean the floor with chlorine.

Chlorine is a material that can clean the water in the pool without damaging the ceramic.

You just need to sprinkle chlorine on the ceramic and let it sit for half an hour until the stain disappears.

Then, scrub with a brush and clean with running water.

8. Coconut Dregs

The last way to clean the tile floor is to use coconut dregs.

Coconut pulp contains a disinfectant that is able to eradicate germs and dirt.

Prepare the coconut pulp and mix the lime juice, then rub the mixture on the floor.

Rub the dregs gradually and evenly over the entire surface of the floor.

Finally, rinse the floor with clean water.


Hope useful, Property People.

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