8 Ways to Boost WiFi Signals to Make It Stable and Fast

8 Ways to Boost WiFi Signals to Make It Stable and Fast

how to strengthen the wifi signal

Wi-Fi network weak or lost? No need to worry, learn how to strengthen the WiFi signal so it is stable and fast, go!

Currently, Wi-Fi networks are very common, and have even been installed in many homes.

Along with the times, now Wi-Fi can be considered as a primary need.

However, when using Wi-Fi, we often encounter problems where the signal is so weak that the connection is unstable.

So, how do you deal with this condition?

Here’s how to boost your WiFi signal to make it more stable and fast!

How to strengthen the WiFi signal to stable

1. Using a Signal Booster Application

how to strengthen remote wifi signal

How to strengthen the WiFi signal gadgets This can be done with an application, for example WiFi Signal Booster, WiFi Master, WiFi Doctor, and WiFi Manager.

Currently, there are many choices of WiFi signal booster apps that can be easily obtained through the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

These applications usually provide several functions that can be tried to repair the Wi-Fi network gadgets.

A common function that is often encountered is Booster, which is a function that works to strengthen and increase the Wi-Fi signal.

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2. Restart the Router regularly

WiFi router such as a computer, laptop, or smartphones which tend to start having problems when used for a long time.

To minimize this, do starts again periodically so that Wi-Fi performance can be more optimal.

Although this method of strengthening a WiFi signal is very simple, in fact, it has proven to be effective in improving a bad Wi-Fi signal.

3. Update Firmware

How to strengthen the WiFi signal gadgets what you can also try is to update firmware.

First, check if firmware gadgets has it been updated or not.

If firmware it has not been updated, which could be the reason why catching the Wi-Fi signal is often problematic.

How to upgrade firmware very easy, ie open the settings menu gadgetsgo to the system section, then software update.

4. Check Wi-Fi Settings

how to boost laptop wifi signal

gadgets Do you get a Wi-Fi signal with poor or even bad quality? Relax, you can check the Wi-Fi settings first.

The method is very easy, open the settings menu gadgetsopen Wi-Fi, and select Advanced Settings.

So, you can check Wi-Fi in places around and gadgets it will show the good quality Wi-Fi connection, while the bad connection is avoided.

5. Use Router Last ones

Has the Wi-Fi signal at home started to be weak and often disappears suddenly? It could be that the problem lies in router.

It could be router the one you are using is outdated and should be replaced with a new one.

Hon router, there is a description of the technology used, which is written in type A, B, G and N.

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How to strengthen a weak Wi-Fi signal can be replaced router with a new one.

When you want to buy routerbe sure to choose the N type because it already supports the latest technology.

6. Change Router Location

The Wi-Fi signal at home is difficult to reach because of the distance routeris it far from a certain room?

How to strengthen a distant Wi-Fi signal to make it more stable can be moved to the location router.

When you put routermake sure the location is in an open area with as few obstacles as possible.

By the time router If you block the wall, the signal will be weak.

7. Reset Channel Frequency Router

One of the factors that can weaken the Wi-Fi signal is the neighbors with people who have Wi-Fi and use the channel. router The same

To overcome this, you can reset the frequency channel router.

8. Using Wi-Fi Repeater

how to strengthen wifi router signal

The way to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal in a large or multi-store building can be with a device called Wi-Fi. repeater.

WiFi repeater is a device that serves to extend the range of the signal from router.


This is how to strengthen the WiFi signal to make it more stable.

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