8 Unique Wooden Fences Recommended That Are Unsightly

8 Unique Wooden Fences Recommended That Are Unsightly

Unique wooden fence

This unique wooden fence that will be discussed could be used as a reference because of its unusual shape. Go ahead, watch until the end!

At this time, the use of fence is not only limited to being used as a means of safety or just a barrier of the house.

Later, the fence is often used to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the facade of the house.

You may also have seen a home that uses a fence with an unusual shape.

So, if you really want to apply a fence with this concept, consider the following article carefully.

Because www.lacrymosemedia.com will try to summarize the recommendations for unique wooden houses that are different from others.

Who knows, one of the following forms of fencing do it you are excited

Listen to the end, ok!

8 Unique Wood Fence Recommendations

1. Combination of Natural Stone Wooden Fence

unique wooden fence

source: instagram.com/anis_zara15

This is the inspiration for a wooden fence combined with natural stone.

The result is a mix and match that is quite suitable and produces an exotic fence.

2. Combination Fence with Iron

unique wooden fence

source: instagram.com/alby_artmagetan

This unique wooden fence is very different in appearance from most designs.

This is because the wood on the fence is installed horizontally, which is usually applied vertically.

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Apparently, in this way, the density of the fence is maximum enough to maintain privacy in the house.

3. Use the Nako Window

unique wooden fence

source: instagram.com/djuragan.art

If this wooden fence is unique in the true sense.

The reason is, the owner of the house uses the wooden windows of the Nako type as the main element of the fence.

As a result, when viewed from the outside, the fence will be focal point occupation

4. White fence

house facade

source: instagram.com/irfah_afiyah

Then there is a wooden fence that is beautifully painted white.

This house has a unique design because it uses a concept rinsed.

As we know, concept rinsed prioritize soft colors such as pastels in the home.

Fences painted white can create shades rinsed so really felt.

5. Wooden fence with Roster

single wooden fence 1

source: instagram.com/rumah_mbun

The combination of wood with a roster fence turns out to produce a beautiful visual, exactly like the picture above.

You can try something similar at home.

Even if the fence is made quite tight, the existence of the rooster makes the air circulation in the house optimal.

6. Beautiful Small Fence

single wooden fence 1

source: instagram.com/azril.putra.pertama

A wooden fence will look boring if you don’t handle it anymore.

In addition to being painted, fences combined with other materials can be the right choice.

When it comes to small fences, combining them with other materials can make them look charming.

With the right creations, you can produce beautiful things.

How, interested in the inspiration for this fence, Property People?

7. Modern Wooden Fence


source: instagram.com/consist_product

Looking for ideas to make the fence more modern?

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Perhaps, a fence with a model expansion you can try this.

This fence is very different because of the fence expansion generally do not use wood as an additional material.

While the fence above combines two elements so that it shows a modern fence at the same time aesthetic.

8. Unique Fence with Threaded Material

beautiful house facade

source: instagram.com/margiewood.idn

The latest unique wooden fence model uses screwed wood as the main material.

The uniqueness of this fence lies in its curved shape.

With this shape, you can present a classic wooden fence at home.


These are tips for unique wooden fence models that can be a reference for you.

Hope useful, Property People.

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