8 types of ornamental leaf plants for the terrace of the house

8 types of ornamental leaf plants for the terrace of the house

various types of ornamental plants

Having a beautiful terrace is certainly a pleasure. Also, the front of the house will be the first impression someone makes when they visit our home. It is no wonder that different types of ornamental plants can enhance the beauty of your home.

However, we are often confused to choose the right ornamental plants to make the house more aesthetic.

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There is no need to worry, because we have some recommendations for plants with decorative leaves that you can use to decorate your terrace.

What types of ornamental plants leaves?

Green leaf ornamental plants can not only make a house beautiful, but can also beautify the terrace area and around the house.

So, here are several types of ornamental leaf plants that can give that impression. Listen, go.

1. Tongue-in law

mother-in-law's language
Source: Pixabay.com

Mother-in-law’s tongue is a type of ornamental leafy plant that has leaves that are narrow at the base and tapering at the ends.

This ornamental plant usually has many different colors, namely dark green, light green, gray green and yellow green.

Caring for the tongue-in-law plant is quite easy. You see, this plant is easy to adapt because it can store large amounts of water reserves.

2. Monstera

Monstera ornamental plant
Monstera leaf plants to beautify the interior of the house.

Who does not know the monstera plant? Yes, this is a plant that is very popular today.

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Monster It has thick green leaves with large holes in the leaves. Monstera plants are generally suitable for placing on the terrace of the house, which is not directly exposed to the sun.

Avoid placing it near direct sunlight, because excessive light will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

3. Mini Rhombus

mini blunt
Source: The Little Garden

Rhombusa mini is a shrubby shrub with very dense leaves. This plant has many types of colors, including green, yellow and silver.

Its white flowers add to its beautiful appearance and make it suitable to be placed in the patio and terrace of the house.

4. Lily Paris

Lily Paris
Sumber: The growing plant

With its long, thin, ribbon-shaped leaves, the Paris lily has earned the nickname feather plant.

Contrary to its name, it turns out that this Parisian lily comes from South Africa. The bright color of the leaves with green accents on the yards, makes the lily of Paris the most popular as an ornamental plant.

5. Philodendron

ornamental plants philodnedron
Sum: Marie Claire

Philodendron is an ornamental plant that has heart-shaped green leaves. This unique shape makes it the favorite of many people.

In addition to this, you can also put the philodendron anywhere because it does not need too much sun.

6. Elephant ears

elephant ears
Source: Pixabay.com

Elephant Ears have large heart-shaped leaves. Elephant ear plants need a moist and nutritious soil to grow, so you should take care regularly for this type of plant.

7. Supply

various types of ornamental plants
Source: Plantsam.com

Suplir belongs to the fern plant, which has rounded leaves with erect or semi-erect spiny stems.

However, not all plants can grow in our environment, you know. There are many types of suplir that can be used as ornamental plants, among others Adiantum Radianus, Adiantum tender, Adiantum hispidus, Adiantum picked upand Adiantum transparent.

8. Aglaonemas

Aglonema ornamental plant
Place a pink green aglonema plant for home decoration.

Aglaonema is a type of taro plant. This plant has large, fresh red or white-green leaves with different shapes, such as oval and oval.

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Well, you can put this aglaonema on the terrace, which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Also, try not to water this plant too often until it is stagnant with water.

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Here are some types of ornamental leaf plants that you can use to make the terrace beautiful. Which one is your favorite?

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