8 Types of Minimalist and Practical Bathroom Shelves

8 Types of Minimalist and Practical Bathroom Shelves

Stora Bathroom Shelf With Towel Holder - White

Until now, perhaps a minimalist bathroom shelf works only as a place to store toiletries. However, the shelf has now become a part of bathroom decor.

Of course, if we use the right shelves, the bathroom will be tidier and more comfortable. Therefore, the choice and installation of minimalist bathroom shelves should not be arbitrary. There are several things that you should pay attention to, such as the following.

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  • Choose a shelf according to the area of ​​the room so it doesn’t look cramped. If the size of the bathroom is not very large, it is better to use a hanging rack.
  • Make sure the shelf model matches the theme of the bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom always looks luxurious and elegant.
  • Avoid using too many shelves in the bathroom, because it will make you look messy.
  • Use a shelf with a mirror if you want to create the illusion of a wider bathroom.

What Are the Types of Bathroom Shelf Models?

Along with the developments, the types of bathroom shelves are more and more diverse. Well, this time, we have many types of bathroom shelf models that you can choose from. Listen, go.

1. Free Standing Shelf

Freestanding shelf it usually consists of 3 or 4 shelves arranged vertically. This type of shelf is suitable for larger bathrooms.

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In fact, freestanding shelf You can also put it in a narrow bathroom, but make sure the size of the shelf is not too big, OK?

Brody 2-tier bathroom shelf with basket

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Krishome 3 Tier Bathroom Shelf – Black

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2. 2 Tier Corner Shelf

Usually, the corner shelves can be attached to the wall area. This is what makes the bathroom more spacious.

This 2-level corner shelf is often installed under the shower, as a place to put soap and shampoo. So, you can take a shower more easily. Here are the tips for corner shelves that you can use.

Stora 2-tier corner bathroom shelf 31.6 x 19.3 x 31.3 cm - silver
Stora 2-tier corner bathroom shelf 31.6 × 19.3 × 31.3 cm – silver

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3. Hanging shelf

This type of shelf is suitable for those of you who have a small bathroom. Hanging shelves can make a bathroom clean and create a modern impression.

Generally, hanging shelves are placed against the wall and above the sink. You can use it to place small house plants and facial kits. Here are some tips for bathroom shelves that you can use.

Minimalist bathroom shelf
Stora Bathroom Shelf Ys171 – Silver

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Minimalist bathroom shelf
Hanging bathroom shelf Stora Ys172

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4. Bathroom Corner Shelf

If you have a small bathroom, you can use a corner shelf of 1 level so that the room is not cramped. See, you can put this shelf in a corner to store soap bottles.

Usually, this shelf is available with materials made of minimalistic white plastic.

minimalist bathroom shelves
Stora multifunctional corner shelf – white

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5. Rack with Towel Holder

Do you want to fill the bathroom with multifunctional items? Don’t worry, Stora has a set of shelves with a towel at the bottom.

This shelf material is made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel which is durable and can hold a load of up to 4 kg.

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Stora Bathroom Shelf With Towel Holder - White
Stora Bathroom Shelf with Towel Holder – white

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6. Bathroom wall shelf

If you only have a small amount of bathroom accessories, then you can use Stora brand bathroom wall shelves. This rack is equipped suction cup or juice.

Stora bathroom wall shelf with suction cup - white
Stora bathroom wall shelf with suction cup

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Stora Bathroom Wall Shelf - White
Stora Bathroom Wall Shelf – White

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7. Bath basket

Meanwhile, to put different special toilet products, you can use a bathroom basket that is high enough not to spill easily. This basket is made of plastic material that can hold up to 4 kg of cargo.

bathroom shelf
Large Bath Basket – White

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8. Towel Rack

In addition to making bottles of soap and shampoo, of course you need a rack to hang towels in the bathroom. This towel rack by Stora has a special hook so that any hanging towel does not fall easily.

bathroom shelf
Towel holder Stora 6 hooks – white

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3 Bar Towel Rack - White
Stora Towel Rack 3 Bar – white

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Here are some types of bathroom shelves that you can buy only in variety.

In addition to bathroom shelves, there are many other decorations that can beautify your bathroom at home, from towels, in the middleto aromatherapy candles.

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