8 Types of Aesthetic and Functional Glasses

8 Types of Aesthetic and Functional Glasses

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The glass becomes cutlery that we need every day. Generally, we use different types of glass as a place to pour drinks.

Not only as a kitchen utensil, this cutlery can also be used for room decoration. With a note, we need to choose the shape of the glass that appears aesthetic.

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So, what are the types of glass and their functions?

In order not to choose the wrong one, identify the various types of glass that we need at home below.

1. Types of tea cups

For coffee and tea connoisseurs, we need a tea cup or often known as a cup. You can choose the cup from the material porcelain smooth and already equipped with a teapot, such as the following.

kind of cup of tea
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2. Type of Glass Mug

The mug has a larger shape, has a handle, and is made of thick glass to make it resistant to hot and cold drinks. There are different sizes of mugs that you can choose according to your needs, ranging from 325 ml to 450 ml.

type of glass
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3. Type of glass Pitcher

When serving drinks to relatives or guests who come, we need the type of glass pitcher tall with a small mouth area at the tip. Glass pitcher it has different sizes, ranging from 350 ml, 600 ml, to more than 1 liter.

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Choose the one that is already a set with the small glass so that it is more aestheticsuch as the following.

type of pitcher glass
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4. Cooler Glass

If you like to drink cold drinks at home, then you need it cooler glass. The shape of this glass is quite tall and does not have a special hand handle. This is the recommendation cooler glass that you can have.

cooler type of glass
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cooler type of glass
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5. Rock Glass

Rock glass often known by the name of glass lowball because of its wide but short shape. This glass is quite multifunctional. In addition to serving alcoholic drinks, you can also use it for cold drinks with shaved ice.

rock or glass type lowball
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6. Glass wine

Glass wine usually used to serve alcoholic beverages such as wine. In general, it is elongated at the top and slender at the bottom that can function as a handle.

The capacity of the glass is also very different, ranging from 150 ml, 200 ml, to more than 300 ml, as follows.

type of wine glasses
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7. Shot Glass or a glass

To consume a drink in one gulp like Korean-style soju, then you need it sudden glass or a glass. It is short in size with a capacity of about 50 ml and is made of thick glass.

type of shot glass
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8. Fountain glass

If you visit often coffee and order cold drinks, such as juice, soda, to milkshakePerhaps you are already familiar with glass fountain. If you pay attention, it looks like a glass wine.

However, the type of glass fountain not too slim and the drink capacity could be more.

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type of fountain glass
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