8 Type 36 House designs to make it look spacious and minimalist

8 Type 36 House designs to make it look spacious and minimalist

The house with type 36 is one of the most on the market. However, because the dimensions are not wide, many people are looking for inspiration for the design of the house of type 36 to make it look spacious.

In reality, a type 36 house can be arranged in such a way that it looks a little more spacious but also minimalistic. Starting from using the space optimally and minimizing the use of items that are not important.

In this way, the type 36 house you have will certainly look more spacious and very comfortable to live.

This article provides design inspiration that you can apply to your type 36 home to make it look spacious. Check out the full review below.

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Type 36 Home Design Ideas To Make It Look Wide

To make a house of type 36 more spacious, of course, you have to take advantage of many optimal designs and spaces to make it look spacious. Even so, choosing a minimalist design is still an important thing to be careful about.

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Below are some 36 type house designs that you can apply to make it look wider:

1. Open Space Concept

Open space concept
Open space concept

Bringing a home with an open space concept is an option if you want to make your home look spacious. You no longer need barriers or partitions in your spaces.

This, of course, makes the room you have seem larger than its actual size. You can use partitions to make the room more private.

2. Optimize Storage


We are not only talking about room dividers, you can also optimize the storage so that the room you have looks spacious.

The design of a type 36 house optimizing this storage area is important considering the limited space available. You can make a storage rack of items on the wall.

This way, your things are no longer scattered on the floor or where they shouldn’t be. You can install more storage space in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

3. Use Light Colors

Light room color
Light room color

It is common that the use of bright colors can give a room a spacious and airy feeling. This is influenced by the psychology of color that makes the occupants of the house more comfortable with a room that looks spacious.

In general, houses with type 36 use bright colors to make it look more spacious and minimalist. You can enjoy this type of home design 36, such as with yellow, pastel, white and others.

Do not forget to adjust the color of the furniture with the color of the walls of your room. This is done to align the designs that have been made to give a greater impression on the comfort of your home.

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4. Open Spaces

Having an open area in a house is one way to make a house more spacious. The type of minimalist home design 36 is also often used for residents who do not want a home garden.

You can take advantage of this open area to dry clothes or just a place to relax. With a little additional furniture like small tables and chairs, you can make open spaces in your home more beautiful and comfortable.

5. Kitchen that blends with the dining room

Kitchen and dining area
Kitchen and dining area

The design of the kitchen that integrates with the dining room is common in the cases of type 36. This is done to take advantage of the existing space so that it seems wider and more spacious.

Even so, you always pay attention to the beauty of the design you make. Don’t let your kitchen and dining room look cramped because of the many pieces of furniture around the room.

6. Enjoy the terrace of the house

The heart of the house
The heart of the house

Because the house of type 36 has limited dimensions, there is nothing wrong if you make a terrace to serve as a living room. This concept aims to maximize the existing space.

You can put chairs and tables on the terrace of the house to welcome the guests who want to visit your house. In addition, you can make the terrace more beautiful by placing a few beautiful ornamental plants.

7. Using the Lesehan concept

The next 36 types of home design to make it look wider is to use the concept of the sitting room in your main room. Lesehan’s style allows you to minimize the use of sofas that make the room cramped.

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To make it look more beautiful and more beautiful, you can use a light colored carpet to make it look more spacious. So that the room in your residence becomes more beautiful and spacious.

8. Using a high ceiling

Making a high ceiling is one way to make your type 36 house design look wider. A high ceiling certainly makes the room more spacious and relieved.

Of course, you will not feel stuffy, because the ceiling and the floor are rarely far enough. This makes your home feel more spacious and comfortable.

Therefore, they are some 36 type house designs to make it look wider that you can apply to your home. Using the existing space and design, of course your type 36 house can be wider. I hope this article is helpful.