8 TV room 2×1 Minimalist plus Aesthetic 2022

8 TV room 2×1 Minimalist plus Aesthetic 2022

Minimalist TV room 2x1

Check out the tips for the best minimalist 2×1 TV room for a relaxing room at home all below.

In a home, the existence of a TV room is a part that is quite essential for various activities.

Not only for fulfilling entertainment needs, the TV room is also one of the best rooms for family gatherings at home.

Of course, you will feel at home to perform various activities at home to relax in a way that makes you feel more at home.

It doesn’t have to be big, you can create a minimalist TV room 2 × 1 with an aesthetic atmosphere.

What was the inspiration? Check out the discussion together!

Best 2×1 Minimalist TV Room 2022 to relax at home

You can find some tips for a minimalist TV room as the best place to relax completely below:

1. Combination of Lesehan Room

Lesehan center TV room design

Source: Instagram/@dinda.nurjanah

As a place to relax, there is nothing wrong with creating a minimalist TV room with a lesehan concept like this picture.

The lesehan element with the TV cabinet seems to give the impression of mixing with a minimalist beige color that is very comfortable, resulting in an element full of tenderness.

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You can combine the sides of the carpet as an additional ornament in the center of the TV room.

2. Minimalist TV Room 2×1 with Green Atmosphere

Minimalist organic green TV room

Source: Instagram/@rumahkahisha

You can present the next minimalist TV room option with a refreshing green concept.

The green concept can be combined with white shelves with integrated elements on the side of the TV room, giving a relaxed impression as a family meeting place.

3. Minimalist 2 × 1 Industrial TV Room Combination

Minimalist industrial organic TV room 2x2

Sum: Instagram/@chata_hogaty

You can present the next minimalist TV room reference with an industrial theme that matches the entire space.

The industrial concept is clearly visible in the combination of exposed brick on the shelves with functional compositions, from tables to open compartments.

To give an interesting impression, you can add green plants in the TV room with a refreshing atmosphere.

4. White color with Soft Touch

Combination of cream and white

Source: Instagram Options/@ruangtamu

One of the right ways to apply the best minimalist TV room is the selection of a combination of white and cream colors full of sweetness with a comfortable atmosphere.

This TV room looks attractive with a minimalist sofa bed with green accents with open shelves with high functional value.

You can relax in this space while enjoying quality time with your family.

5. Relaxing Lesehan Atmosphere

Single room of dominant cream color

Source: Instagram/@juna_jj

If you want to give a minimalist TV room, this design inspiration can be the right choice.

The concept of relaxed lesehan in the living room gives the impression of being very comfortable with a touch of minimalist parquet and carpet so that it looks like one.

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This lesehan design inspiration will be perfect for those of you who often watch movies or play games at home.

6. Green Concept with Monochrome Accent

Industrial themed green combination room

Source: Instagram/@dina_rafasya

The next 2×1 minimalist TV room option that you can do is a combination of green with minimalist monochromatic accents.

Monochromatic accents seem to blend together on the gray sofa and white walls of the home full of home comfort.

Both combinations are attractive with green accents on the sides of the vines in the flower pot.

7. Minimalist 2×1 Industrial Green TV Room

Open TV Room Green Industrial 2x2

Source: Instagram/@denipancas

The industrial and green concept gives a comfortable and refreshing impression to the best minimalist TV room.

The wood elements and green accents are combined in an open minimalist space that is suitable as a gathering area in the house.

This design inspiration will certainly be very suitable as a family gathering place with the best combination of space.

8. Open Concept with Angled Shapes

Open TV room in a narrow area

Sum: Instagram/@desiyanaressa

You can also pay attention to the placement of the best minimalist TV room 2 × 1, including the angular shape.

The concept of this angular minimalist TV room looks attractive even if it is located on a limited area with open elements full of comfort.

The choice of this design is combined with wooden accents, sofas, attractive colorful rugs with a collection of balanced decorative ornaments.

Here are some of the best 2×1 minimalist TV room tips to relax at home with the family.

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