8 tips to save air conditioners to avoid wasting electricity – Be careful online

8 tips to save air conditioners to avoid wasting electricity – Be careful online

lacrymosemedia.com – These are AC saving tips to avoid wasting electricity. An air conditioner (AC) is an electronic device that uses a lot of electricity. Therefore, AC should not be used without caution. As a solution, try to implement ways to save electricity for air conditioners so that they are not wasted.

As summarized from various sources, here are 8 tips for using your AC that you should know to save electricity and make your AC last longer.

1. 26 degrees of heat from the air conditioner is the most suitable temperature, it is comfortable and does not cause pain.

Although the human body can regulate its own temperature, this ability has its limits. You can also easily get sick if the outdoor and indoor temperatures are too different. A temperature of 26 degrees Celsius is the most suitable indoor temperature, and this temperature also makes your air conditioner the most economical.

2. When the weather is very hot and humid, switch the AC mode to “dry”.

In the rainy season, the weather will be hotter and more humid, now you need to change the AC mode from “cool” to “dry”, which can not only absorb the humid air, but also help you save more.

3. The window should be opened 3 hours after starting the air conditioner.

Many people do not know this important thing. If the air conditioner works for 3 hours in a closed room, the air inside is no longer fresh, and if the air does not change for 6 hours, then the air in the room is very polluted.

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This air pollution can have a major impact on health. If you often have respiratory problems, flu, dizziness and you like to be in a closed air-conditioned room, then you should pay attention to this problem. We recommend turning on the air conditioner and opening the window every 3 hours.

4. Hold the AC nozzle up

When turning on the AC, adjust the direction of the AC nozzle upwards, this will make the AC wind fill the room faster and be stable.

5. Sleep on your side when the air conditioner is on

Sleeping on your back under AC wind can dry your mouth and AC wind blowing directly on the body is not good for health. Taiwan’s Dr. Lee said it’s best to lie on your side while turning on the air conditioner, which can prevent you from breathing by opening your mouth and making the airflow more stable.

6. First open the air conditioner, then close the window

The important thing to pay attention to when opening the air conditioner is that you should first enter the room, open the air conditioner, and then close the window. The purpose is to release the dirty air in the air conditioner after the air conditioner has been running for a while, and then close the window.

7. If you leave the room for a while, you should not have to turn off the air conditioner

Because many people want to be economical, they always turn off the air conditioner when they travel for a while, then turn on the air conditioner when they get home. Although this method makes you more wasteful and is not good for the AC motor.

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Air conditioners that are turned on and off too often can “tighten” the air conditioning unit and eventually break it. When you turn on the AC, the electricity used reaches 500-1000 watts, which can waste electricity.

If you are only traveling for a short time, it is better not to turn off the air conditioner, which makes you even more economical.

8. Do not rush to turn on the air conditioner when entering the room

Once inside a warm room, many people would immediately turn on the air conditioner. If you come in from a very high temperature outside and immediately turn on the air conditioner at a low temperature, your body will not have time to adapt and your blood pressure will rise suddenly.

When you turn on “cool” mode, the AC fan will continue to spin rapidly until the room temperature cools down, which consumes a lot of electricity. But when you turn on the “dry” mode, the AC fan will spin slower and steady, so the electricity used is even more efficient.

This is especially not good for people with weak hearts. Do not rush to turn on the air conditioner when entering the room, wait until your body temperature begins to adjust, then turn on the air conditioner. It may be useful. (various sources/d1)