8 Studio Studio Design Inspirations

8 Studio Studio Design Inspirations

Studio apartment design
Aesthetic studio apartment design inspiration (Source: istockphoto.com)

Do you want to design a studio apartment to make it more aesthetic? Find inspiration here!

Currently, studio apartments are often the choice because they have many advantages. For example, the price is cheaper, it does not require a lot of furniture, it is practical and strategic, easy to clean, and it has a minimal repair cost thanks to its size.

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Since the size of a studio apartment is not too big, you need the right tricks and concepts so that the apartment does not feel cramped. The design also needs to be carefully thought out so as not to be boring.

So, if you have projects to decorate or redesign a studio apartment, find some inspiration from Ruparupa and Rukita below, go!

8 Studio apartment design inspirations, make it more comfortable and aesthetic!

From Korean industrial style apartment designs, to loft apartment design, here are some studio apartment design ideas that you can try.

1. Studio Apartment Design Korean style

Studio apartment design
Korean style studio apartment design (Source: istockphoto.com)

Who likes watching Korean dramas? If you pay attention, the interior design of Korean style houses and rooms is really interesting, isn’t it? You can also, you know, evoke your small apartment to be Korean style.

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Usually, Korean style It uses muted colors and not crack such as pastel colors, beige, beige, white, brown or light gray. Also, choose some furniture made of wood. It is better not to choose bright colors or too busy patterns.

You can also choose a mattress with a bed that is not too high. Or even often the mattress in a Korean style room does not use a bed frame. In addition, also choose sheets with truly Korean motifs, for example plaid or gingham.

2. Interior Domination with Monochrome Color

Studio apartment design
Monochrome design of the studio apartment (Source: istockphoto.com)

If you prefer a simpler apartment design, you can choose a monochrome color to dominate the room. For example, choosing colors such as white, black and gray.

So, if you want the room to look more luxurious, you can add wooden accents, either to the floor, walls or furniture, so that the appearance of the apartment is not too monotonous.

3. Nuance Studio Type Apartment Design Tone of the Earth

Studio apartment design
Earth Tone Studio Apartment Design (Source: istockphoto.com)

If you are a very “earthy” child, the study has nuances tone of the earth it fits, here. Usually, this interior design is dominated by wood. In addition, you can also choose natural colors, such as brown or green.

Then, to make it feel more natural, you can also add plants interior, here. In addition to the apartment feeling more beautiful and fresh, the appearance of the room becomes even more beautiful, you know.

4. Concept clean and Modern

Studio apartment design
Studio apartment design with a clean and modern concept (Source: istockphoto.com)

Design concept clean This modern and modern design can make your apartment feel spacious, clean and minimalist. You can choose white furniture and interior colors or combine them with neutral colors.

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The selected furniture should also be simple and not have a busy accent. It is better not to store a lot of things so that the room looks cleaner and more spacious.

5. Studio Apartment Design Style Industrial

Studio apartment design
Industrial style apartment design (Source: istockphoto.com)

Want a more unique studio apartment? You can try an industrial style concept. The colors of the wall to choose, for example, gray or black.

Then, to make it more industrial, you can add the appearance of wood or brick to the walls. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can just choose a wood and brick wallpaper.

Don’t forget to add the furniture, too. Choose furniture with colors and patterns that accentuate its industrial impression. For example, the sofa is gray, black or orange.

6. Take advantage of partitions to design apartments

Minimalist apartment
Studio design with partitions (Source: istockphoto.com)

Do you want to add more space to your studio apartment? No need to bother, you can use partitions, you know. In this way, the room can be divided between the sleeping area, the living room or the kitchen. Your apartment seems to have many rooms.

To save more space, you can use useful partitions, for example a bookcase, a kitchen cabinet, or a hanger.

7. Studio Apartment Design Type Loft

Minimalist apartment
Loft type studio (Source: istockphoto.com)

To make more use of the space, you can design a studio apartment with mezzanine or in the middle of the top floor, so your room looks like it has two floors.

Usually, the upper floor is used for the sleeping area, while the lower floor is used for the living room, kitchen, bathroom or living room.

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8. Luxury apartment design

Minimalist apartment
Luxury studio (source: istockphoto.com)

If you want more extras and have more budget, you can choose a luxury apartment. Well, usually this concept is dominated by colors gold. Don’t forget to also choose furniture with luxury accents to add to the impression luxury Want to be more glamorous? You can also install a chandelier or candelabra in your apartment, you know.

Here are some studio apartment designs that can be an inspiration for you. Although small and small, studio apartments can also be transformed into comfort and aesthetic, right? So, which apartment design is your favorite? share in the comment column, go!

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