8 Spacious 4 Bedroom House Designs for Families

8 Spacious 4 Bedroom House Designs for Families

For those of you who have a large number of family members, of course, a house with 2 rooms will not be enough to accommodate the whole family. Therefore, a larger house is needed, for example a house with 4 bedrooms. Especially if you have children who are already teenagers, then of course, each of them needs their own room. And for those of you looking for inspiration for a 4 bedroom house design for your family, here are 8 examples:

8 Spacious 4 Bedroom House Designs for Families

An example of the first design, a 4 bedroom house with a land that is not too wide. Each room has a size that is not too large, but there is also a place to relax in the back of the house and carport This house can accommodate up to two cars. It can be said that this house is included in a minimalist house even though there are 4 rooms in it.

So, here is the second 4 bedroom house design. There are gardens to the front and back of the house. This residence looks fresher with the open green space. However, carport can accommodate only one car. Even so, the architect of this house seems to be able to make good use of the space because the land that is not too big can be transformed into a 4-room house while also leaving green green spaces in front and behind.

Thirdly, the design of this 4-room house also uses the narrow land in a house that is enough to accommodate family members of about 5 people. Although there is no land for a terrace or a garden, in fact, many people choose to build a house like this, as long as it can be enough as a place to live for all family members .

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Fourth, there is a 4-bedroom house design with a large land area. Seen from the rest of the vacant land in front and behind the house that is quite relieved. Also, the room in this house is not too narrow. In addition, the living room seems quite spacious. This house design is suitable for those of you who have a large land, but also want to have a wide open space as a place to relax.

For those of you who have a very large plot of land, this 4 bedroom house design can be tried. In addition to having a green garden around the house, a carport that can accommodate 2 cars and a large pool at the back, this house is very large and luxurious.

Then, there is also the design of a two-story house with 4 rooms that can also be applied to a limited plot of land, but there are many family members. Using a strong chicken claw foundation, this home places all bedrooms on the second floor for added privacy. While on the 1st floor is an area that can be used for the whole family to gather.

This minimalist modern home also has two floors with a total of 4 bedrooms. The luxurious and elegant design makes this house look as comfortable as a residence. There is also a garage and a carport that can be used to store vehicles. In addition, at the side of the house there is also a green garden to relax.

Finally, there is also a two-storey 4-bedroom house with limited land. With the dominant use of wood, this house looks so natural and comfortable to live. In this house, 3 bedrooms are located on the top floor and master bedroom it is on the 1st floor.