8 Recommended Door Paint Colors for Beautiful, Elegant and Contemporary!

8 Recommended Door Paint Colors for Beautiful, Elegant and Contemporary!

a nice door paint color

There are many ways to make the exterior of the house look attractive. One of them is using a beautiful door paint color. Although not common, the following door paint colors can be a reference!

A house is built from many important elements in it, including a door.

But sometimes, the door is considered trivial because its function is only as an access to and from the house.

In fact, if examined more deeply, the door has other very important functions, for example, as an area for the circulation of light and air, as well as a decoration for the exterior of a house.

So, so that the door can be a sweetener on the outside of the house, you can start by applying a nice color of door paint.

Uncommon colors, beautiful door paint colors that are slightly different are very likely to give birth to a house facade that pleases the eye.

Do you want to know, what are the colors of these beautiful, unusual door paintings?

You can see more details below!

8 Recommendations for beautiful door paint colors

1. White

The paint color of the door is white

The first beautiful door paint color idea is white.

As a neutral color group, white can be applied in many areas of the house, including the door.

In addition, white can be combined with other colors and can also complement the main color in the front of the house.

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2. Chocolate


Brown door color is quite common in Indonesian homes.

To look different, you can choose a rather light brown.

Although the color is quite bright, the color of the door does not stand out too much.

If you have combined it well with wall paint, the brown doors can make the house more elegant.

3. Greens

Green Beautiful Door Paint Color

Property People, do you collect ornamental plants in your garden or in front of your house?

If so, enhance the beautiful impression by using green paint on the door.

But do not choose a green paint color that is too dark, try to apply a slightly lighter green or it tends to be pastel.

So for the door frame, white is the most suitable option.

Guaranteed, the area of ​​the facade of the house can look fresher and fresher!

4. Paint Natural Wood Doors

a beautiful natural door paint color

Natural color wood door paint can create an exotic exterior, especially if the front door has a good default color.

The following options are worth considering because they are suitable for a variety of residential types.

5. Blue Marina


The next nice door paint color recommendation is blue marina.

A color that can give the impression of luxury and elegance to a home.

Blue marina it will be even more beautiful if it is combined with white paint on the walls or on the sills.

6. Gray

Beautiful door paint colors

Similar to white, gray belongs to the neutral color family.

As a result, it can be combined with other colors.

The gray color is also believed to increase a sense of calm and peace for the occupants of the house in it.

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7. Pastel colors

Pretty pastel door paint colors

The pastel has many color options in it.

Why is pastel suitable to be applied to the door of the house?

Because, on average, pastel colors can give a fresh impression and make you fresh.

In fact, according to many sources, the psychological effects of pastel colors are very great.

One of them gives the effect of calmness and emotional stability for the one who sees it.

8. Black

nice black door paint color

The next nice door paint color recommendation is black.

Maybe for some people, black is too ordinary and boring.

But think again…

The black color on the door can make the house look sturdy and modern.

For some situations and concepts of the house, the black color of the house to do the residence looks more luxurious.


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